The Cinderfury Warband

Moon Guard
Bump for you guys! I'd volunteer BMS as a potential rival, but as of now, I think only... two of us are halfway serious about PvP. So we would be little bears. ._.

Hope to see a couple of you in future battlefields!
Since the Warband's landfall on the southern coast of the Jade Forest, much has changed. There, we witnessed the aftermath of Ga'trul's forces, they having been slain by the Alliance weeks before our arrival.

Upon reading Ga'trul's log book, it became clear to me that the Horde is indeed headed down a dark path. He and his men sunk back into fel implements, summoned from the Twisting Nether unbound demons beyond their ability to control, and worse of all, kidnapped children as bargaining chips.

I've said time and time again since the Theramore incident, that forsaking honor is taking the first of many steps down a very dark path, a path not easy to turn around on. Many may argue desperate times call for desperate measures, but any proud orc in the old days would gladly face their ancestors than stoop to such cowardly means. Furthermore, to make an 'exception' to honor is a dangerous thing to do. With one comes another and another. Ga'trul and his troops are a prime example to this.

With this realization, my troops and I have taken it upon ourselves to make a stand in Pandaria where Hellscream's reach is questionable. On this new found soil, we'll plant our feet in defiance against what the Horde is becoming.
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As posted at Eastwind Rest and Shrine of Two Moons:

Wanted: Gav'raz Cinderfury and Officers of the Cinderfury Warband

Gav'raz Cinderfury is wanted dead or alive for crimes against the Horde. His crimes are, but not limited to:

    Openly defying orders directly from Hellscream himself
    Destroying Eastwind Rest's armory stockpile on the 14th

Gav'raz was last seen on the 14th fleeing like a coward to the west after the act. Hellscream's eyes are upon you, soldiers! Bring me Gav'raz for questioning or his head on the end of a spear! His officers are wanted for questioning, bring them alive. - General Nazgrim

Alive: 200 gold
Dead: 100 gold
Officer: 75 gold

As posted at Westwind Rest and Shrine of Seven Stars:

Wanted: Gav'raz Cinderfury

Gav'raz is wanted for setting fire to and ultimately destroying the arms stockpile at Westwind Rest, putting us back weeks on arming the new recruits. Judging by similar smoke and flames rising to the east, we've concluded he's dealt a similar blow against Eastwind Rest. Find him and either kill him or bring him back for questioning. He was last seen making for the west.

Alive: 200 gold
Dead: 175 gold
Standing at the Shrine of Two Moons with one hand on her hip and the other holding the limp parchment. "Well now, isn't this interesting. "
Nice of you to take note, Evylynn. On the matter of that bounty, yes...real gold, but there are ground rules for this:

Any jabs at us will require prior contact. We don't do much random/casual RP now a days. Why? Because Pandaria has almost no random RP or at least it's far and scattered as we are.

Duels? No, sorry, I'm not going to be handing out gold prizes for duels no matter how confident I am in my abilities. It'll be strictly RP.

That bounty aside, I'd like to bring up the matter of RP in Pandaria or...the issue mentioned in the first rule. I'd like to form an RP hub, somewhere that both I, my guild, our allies, and even strangers can interact. So far, we've been using the bar in Halfhill, but...that's hardly a proper place given the ungodly amount of OOC feet running about there.

Without a doubt, most of you are thinking the Shrine right now, but that'd be suicide for the troops and I to just...waltz right into a heavily Horde-controlled point. Then many of you are thinking Dawn's Blossom as an alternative, but that place, at any given part of the day, is just as bad off as Halfhill. Perhaps I'm too picky.
Wanted: Shem’taka Lornheart, 2nd lieutenant to Gav’raz Cinderfury of the Cinderfury Warband.

Crimes: Treason/desertion.

Features of Note: Tall and slender with an eyepatch over one eye. Wears primarily black robes and armor and speaks in the third person. Rumored to be mentally unstable. Approach with caution.
Wanted: Core Grimtotem, of the Cinderfury Warband.
Crimes: Desertion.
Features of note: Tall and bulky with light brown fur and horns. Often seen sporting heavy plate mail. Wears a golden ring on his left horn with matching nose ring. Target is not known for hostility but caution is recommended.
*creeps in**sees everyone else has made their poster**fashionably late*

WANTED: Tarkuul Swiftshot, 1st Lieutenant of the Cinderfury Warband

    Destruction of Eastwind Rest armory stockpiles
    *Another item was listed, but appears heavily marked over*

Features of Note:
Brown hair, ponytail, nosering, large scar across face, chipped left tooth. Former mercenary and sniper. Typically near Gav'raz Cinderfury or other Warband members. Approach with caution.
(Alright...time to get down to it. *Cracks fingers*)
Scoundrel Co. answered the call of our bounty by setting up a trap in Kun-Lai. Unfortunately for them, we showed with far superior numbers and quickly gained an upper hand against them.

During the fray something unexpected happened. One of our own turned against us and took advantage of the chaotic battle to put a bullet through Gav'raz's throat from a safe distance. The round left Gav'raz with a fractured neck and choking on his own blood. The sniper proceeded to fill the air with more lead, his aim to bag as many Cinderfury members as he could since each was a bonus to his paycheck. Shem'taka took a bullet clear through where her heart should be, but lucky her, undeath beat the sniper to it.
(Hold your pitchforks and fire LoreNazis, I did my research on this.)

From there, Core gathered up Gav'raz and carried him off the battlefield, leaving behind Gav'raz's iconic and vicious elemental bladefists as a prize for the bounty hunters. Before the life left Gav'raz completely, he uttered a simple instruction to Core between gasps choked in blood, the order to take his corpse to the druids of Thunder Bluff.

It is very seldom that this ritual is performed and none but the most powerful and wise are given such honor, but thanks to both Gav'raz's friendship among the tauren and Core pulling a few favors, Gav'raz was made to be reincarnated. The ritual stretched on for an agonizing hour before it was complete. Be it pure, blind luck or divine intervention from the spirits, one can not say. Gav'raz was reincarnated as an orc of twenty-one years of age. This all was done in private and with a great deal of care as so that no witnesses beyond those involved would crop up.

He retains his memory in the bulk, but his abilities with the elements are now dulled and weak. He does not look like Gav'raz in the slightest, given the complete new body. As well his voice bears little to no similarity to what it once was.
Tarkuul, now commanding officer of the Warband, pulled a few strings of her own to allow the remainder of the Cinderfury to move on in orcish society with the bounties removed from their heads, claiming in a quite convincing manner that they were just 'following orders'. As of now, our Warband is under watch as we wait in Orgrimmar for our next assignment.
Once more this thread as died out. This is mostly because I and others were wrapped up with the Kosh'harg and additional planning for the Warband. I'll go ahead and slap a little update down. People, feel free to inquire about anything here. Seriously, I'd like to see some feedback.

We're currently working on a new system fine tuned for the World PvP we see now. A single one of our troops can raise quite a bit of hell out in Krasarang, but eventually the Alliance overwhelms us with sheer numbers every time. Quantity can actually outdo quality every now and then.

To combat this, we're introducing a squad-based system. The squads will be five men to each group with a leader to each. The idea is that even with overwhelming numbers, a tight-knit, balanced group can overcome the odds. You can see this to be true in every aspect of PvE and even in PvP when it's actually done right.

This system is still on the ground as of this post, but I'm hoping to see it up and running soon.
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