[A]25 Guild For Sale - <Go Hard>

Decorated PVP Guild, 8/8Reg, 3/8H/M DS

Serious inquiries only
Still Solid, A lot of us moving to Tich.
Contemplating moving the Guild itself .... Options ....
All my toons play here (minus my main who happens to be on tich) and I'm going to let you know in advance its not really much better there. Only difference is more people spamming for their !@#$ 3/8 HM pugs and about 50 ppl at any given time spamming "lf (insert class/exp here) pushing glad rating" which translates to this server having same fails as cenarius, there is just more of them.
Will your son ever start playing again? I miss Zig.
How much do you want for it?
Hope the best to Tich'ers but I know you guys will be back. Cenarius will come back to its greatness status when MoP drops, especially PvP wise.
add me on skype.. SHADOWDOTCOM

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