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Death Knight
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Has there been any confirmation yet that the 4pc T14 affects blood shield or not?
As of this post the 4pc is not having an affect on blood shield. That doesn't mean it's worthless however, and and extra 10% raw heals from a death strike after a burst can be very valuable. With it influencing Blood Shield it is a net mitigation loss to get your 4pc due to the itemization of the tier gear, but it is a dps gain and the 10% heal is nothing to shake a stick at. I still recommend getting the 4pc unless you are doing something that demands absolute mitigation (say 25H garajal tanking)
Worthless, no, but I'm in a 10m guild and I've never been in a situation where I've been bursted down quickly enough to where I feel an extra 10% on a DS is that worth it. I certainly won't shy away from getting the 4 set if the chance presents itself, but knowing that, I also won't go out of my way to bid over other raiders in the guild at this point.
11/17/2012 09:54 PMPosted by Reniat
It's been kinda quiet. Added 'maximizing tank dps' in the advanced playstyle section. Hope to also add the fight specific guide sometime over break as well.

Maximizing tank dps, Haste > Crit, it seems like 2h frost and unholy gear is very well for this, if you have offspec gear then it is easier, very interesting.

I use my frost gear for Garalon, since I don't take damage there, but I am having some problems for Lei Shi, tried frost gear for better haste = more DS, but in the end tank gear was better for more stamina.
What do you recommend? Tank gear reforged for haste?

Thank you in advance.
Blood shield doesn't work for Spray, so more DS really doesn't help much beyond the extra raw heals which really aren't great by the very end of the fight. Also the adds that spawn hit like trucks, and you want the mastery + EH there, so unless you have a monk tank that can perma kite all the adds I recommend going with a heavy stamina build and don't change your reforge from mastery. The trick to surviving that fight lies more in how you use your cooldowns as opposed to how you prioritize your secondary stats.
Oh i also forgot to mention, Mirror of Broken Images still does wonders here. That trinket is probably going to end up as the "best trinket is history" simply because its been valuble for FOUR TIERS across 2 expansions. Because they removed resistances causes to amount the trinket gives to "scale" making 400 resistance still really valuable.
Awesome guide, I had no idea what to do as a tank just 2 months ago but following this guide has worked for me.

I'm going to try to increase hit/exp to get my dps up and see how it goes.
How good is the Mirror of Broken Images?
I have it, should I use it for Lei Shi? Even lacking of a good mastery and stamina?
My off tank is a Monk, we will see how will it go this weekend.
I would. I didn't for last weeks kill, but I plan to this week. If you find it doesn't work as well as you'd hoped then replace it with a stamina trinket for that fight.
Is Relic of Niuzao worth it for Blood DKs? I wouldn't have to spend any money on it cause i made all the cards. Just wondered what the priority for trinkets is these days.
It's a good trinket and I used it a lot for early hardmode progression, though trinkets like Lao-Chin's Liquid Courage and Jade Warlord Figurine are better stamina trinkets so get one of those if you can. That said I still use niuzao if i need 2 stamina trinkets for an encounter.
Your numbers for the parry to dodge ratio do not match up with those found in the thread on the Tanking Forums. When is the last time you verified the numbers you have posted?
Could you show me what you're comparing them to? Those numbers were crunched using the same data as the tanking forum stickies numbers.
Mirror still works? o.O

Additionally, what for Blood's is the best option to upgrade (via VP). I'm nearing cap with not much to buy, well not much to buy.
What piece you should upgrade depends on entirely on you. You are using two stamina trinkets, which means you either just prefer a heavy emphasise on EH or found it best for your specific raid (both are fine) so i'd recommend using vp to upgrade the shado-pan trinket. Then again, you may also have just the EH you feel you need and don't need any more so you might upgrade the piece that will give you the highest gain in mastery. There really isnt a single best piece to upgrade, so just look through the stats you get from each one and pick the one that gives you what you want most.
Ask Mr. Robot changed its stamina value, making every tank to gem across the board for stamina, this includes DKs.

I feel comfortable about my HP (670k raid buffed), but the 700k+ seems insteresting.
I still have 2 mastery trinkets (Elegon and Tsulong) in case I need depending on the fight.

What do you think about that?
AMR changing it's value of a stat doesn't mean its value in game has changed as well :)
you should always take what you get from AMR with a grain of salt. Them making stamina a default build across the board is interesting, but that only means they've tweaked the stat weights inside the program. It doesn't mean stamina is somehow magically better. AMR saying go all out stamina is just AMR being AMR.

how you approach stats should come from YOU based on your effective health needs not a robot, albeit a helpful one.
You have to be careful with AMR. AMR tries to be everything and then tends to go awry at times. It's database is very basic and kept simple so to not crash them but that also means it doesn't really analyze as it always should. To give you an idea for a little bit it had Relic of Xuen as like 13th for me as a Frost DK. They've tried to correct it so now Relic is shown as 3rd behind both Normal and Heroic Lei-Shen and Heroic Dark Mist. Meanwhile EJ and some others have Xuen as best overall. When it had Relic as 13th though? That never should have happened.
So Im guessing after the changes to Mirror of Broken Images yesterday, this trinket is no longer viable for current tier? Could you please confirm? Thanks for all your help. Awesome guilde!!!
12/06/2012 01:09 PMPosted by Gidgidonni
So Im guessing after the changes to Mirror of Broken Images yesterday, this trinket is no longer viable for current tier? Could you please confirm? Thanks for all your help. Awesome guilde!!!
*sniff*....It is a sad day...a day for mourning...
Our dear friend and faithful ally through 4 tiers across two expansions, has finally been laid to rest...
So ends the rein of one of the best tanking trinket in history

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