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Hey guys,
I'm on the hunt for a certain set of Plate Legs for Transmogrification, Cloudkeeper Legplates . However, I've looked and I've farmed AQ, MC, BWL and.. It has not dropped. I've checked the raid Loot drop lists, and it's not on them. But on the Cloudkeeper Legplates page it lists creatures from AQ, MC, BWL, as places & creatures where it drops..
Could someone please be so kind as to let me know where the best place to farm these legs please? And no, the AH does not have any. :P
the core hounds in mc have the best drop rate but the drop rate is pretty low to start with good luck tho :)
yeah, i had em drop while running MC off a corehound, almost didnt loot it too haha since you can solo MC once your keyed it seems like the best place to run weekly for w.e u need
My friend is trying to get these pants, I'm farming Molten Core each week trying to get them.
She also runs it each week. Eventually we will get the pants. Lots of nice items dropping though so it's worth it. Just had nice green pants drop that are really good for transmog..
bought them twice. one was for 2,000g. and the other was 5,000g. but after that i'm not seeing them very cheap, i seen them go to 15,000g. but... farming for these, i'm one of the unlucky ones lol
The core hounds no longer drop anything in MC. =(
The core hounds no longer drop anything in MC. =(

This is not entirely true
They do still drop loot but very infrequently

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