Anyone here play on Sargeras from Day One?

Just wondering if any of yall played Sargeras since Day One of Sargeras? I see a few familiar names of guilds but have yet to see anyone that I remember from either Horde or Sargeras.

I was Destroi (Orc Shaman, Warlord) on Horde and Jaynestown and I started the guild The Bee Gees back when BC first came out. Does anyone remember us or our guild or any of us?

Would love to kick it with someone and pine about the grand old days of this server. I quit back in 2007-ish before WOTLK but recently came back a few months ago. It's like a whole new game for me due to the breadth of changes but I have met some cool people on Horde who have helped me get back into the swing of things. Our guild (Insidious Wrath) takes a lot of grief on these forums, but our core group is tight, loyal, and would have your back any day of the week. Reminds me of The Bee Gees just with a lot more members. We were pretty clique-ish back then but we had a lot of pride for our faction just like IW does.

Questions I have. Why did Mob Mentality go alliance? I was in that guild back in the day, and it was a good guild. What the hell happened? I knew that NOVA and Divine Vigiliance and End Guys and all them left the server, but did every big guild leave or at least run scared to Alliance? Seeing Mob Mentality on Alliance really breaks my heart. I have been trying to get Jaynestown to come back but he prefers DOTA2 and is looking towards Torchlight2 in the future.

I guess what I am saying is, does anyone remember those days? Does anyone remember the Tarren Mill wars before BGs ever opened? Does anyone remember windfury proc'ing off itself and just one shotting people? Does anyone remember when Onyxia was the red badge of honor for a guild? I guess I am at work just being nostalgic but the server has completely changed (not necessarily all for the worse) and want to know if anyone remembers it the way it used to be.

Destroi now Foulwind - Dangerous now Squishy
It's still a great server and hopefully with xrealm world pvp, we wont be at such an inherent disadvantage. When there are so many alliance, you cant even raid Stormwind. Not because of the players but because of the lag created by all the players spamming.

For my money, I am glad I am horde. At least I don't have to be in that craphole that is Stormwind. Just awful spammy trade chat and awful lag constantly in that town. Unplayable.

Thank god we get a city to both share and to war over in the impending MoP expansion. We will see how it all works out for us.
Been here since mid-BC. Do I count? *puppy eyes*
Sargeras native here also. Started playing halfway through vanilla, I was in the <Tears of the Dragon> mainly ran premade BG's on a daily basis.
I didn't play in Classic however this was the server I started on so I would consider myself Native. I've never played on a different server.
Yep, been here since day one....well day kept me busy that first day and I couldn't play.

Started off in a small guild with people who I played with in DAoC. My guild merged with <L A W>. Can't say that was a good move, it was run by %@!*heads, but it had some good people in it that I remain in contact with (a few of whom I've met IRL). Since then I've played with Eternal Dynasty, and a few no-name guilds, before buying the one I'm in now.

I remember the good ol' days. Dread Guard ganking everybody made leveling real fun. The Tarren Mill battles were awesome.
I have been here since launch and I remember Mooshroom and <The Bee Gees> quite well, mainly from his awesome trash talking on the forums. This server has changed quite a bit, but the Alliance side is probably the best it has ever been. Horde side has sadly died out over the years.

A big portion of Divine Vigilance became Eminence in BC and then later Seriously Casual in WotLK. I'm pretty sure Nova moved on to another MMO.

The biggest problem with Horde is that a bunch of the best guilds transferred off, went Alliance, or straight up quit back in BC. Nobody wants to transfer to Horde on a server where the Horde are heavily outnumbered, so the recruiting pool for Horde guilds has dried up, forcing more and more Horde guilds to move on.
I guess you could say that I've technically been here since the beginning, I've taken a few healthy breaks in that time period. I started off in Vexation, which fell apart trying to make the jump from ZG into 40 mans, and found my way into MM a few months before BC hit.

Now you've gone and gotten me all misty eyed thinkin about the past. Maybe I need to roll up a new horde alt.
I remember the Lords of the Dandelions-hosted arena matches in the Gurubashi area. I remember locking Alliance out of winning AV for literal weeks - and furthermore, I remember that match that lasted five days. I remember TKT poaching some of the best raiders on the server before retreating to Detheroc, and I remember the power vacuum that was filled by Mob Mentality and The Wrecking Crew with the race to Nefarian that followed (Go TWC!).

I've been here since day one and, for better or worse (mostly worse for Horde), I'm staying.
I was in Warsong Crew on my Hunter back in the day.
day one right here team
Dread Guards raiding Booty Bay and South Shore, those were the days!

Getting ganked by Vixen in crossroads was not fun lol.
Bandage master reporting in.
Oh man I totally forgot about Vixen.

My roommate tells me he saw Kitch the other day. Wonder if it's the same one.
Been here since day one, although like many others I was originally horde and now I'm alliance, with a 2 year stopover on Illidan horde during Wrath.

I remember you, Destroi, you were in my guild (The Mighty Oxen) for a little while :)

Whenever I think of the old days, it's mostly of world PvP and how much fun it was. Also those 3 damn rogues that were always waiting for stragglers going from Kargath to Blackrock Mountain.
Started this toon (as a glorious cow) on Sarg Summer 2005! I'm so old X_X
Some of the names escape me atm but we have some pretty classic sargeras players still collecting dust in VoS
Siduis-Human Rogue.

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