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Moon Guard
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These stories are getting better as Mcsars gets more intoxicated.

Just don't kill yourself.

Mang don't encourage this, it's not even 8pm in australia ):

one day danyl met danyle.

danyl was way cooler
Called it.
one day cythe was a blood elf

collect 10 velenor dongs
/decline quest
08/01/2012 03:07 AMPosted by Cythe
/decline quest

you can't

and so cythe collected the dongs and lived in velvet and lace forever
Why hello, good sir.

Forte, means loud.

one day forte the blood elf wouldn't such up

that is why forte means loud

he wouldn't shut up about that either

it was really dumb

the end
08/01/2012 04:59 AMPosted by Mcsars
such up

I liked your story, also.

Good job~
McSars should be behind McBars
all stories are canon
08/01/2012 05:56 AMPosted by Mcsars
all stories are canon

don't mix the fruit with the grain, or a headache will be thy brain.
sir you are a mighty fine storyteller
What we need is a mcsars telling of the events of warcraft 3, start to finish.
Bump for quality storytelling.
Do a story involving McSars, Jorn, and Haela.
08/01/2012 04:59 AMPosted by Mcsars
forte means loud

You should be a hunter with a worg named Treble.

chapter 1: thrall crap

one day thrall had a dream about an old man and was concerned about his orientation after that so he decided to rally the orcs and travel out the humans hair because no one wanted the greenskins there being dumb jerks they did and then the human campaign started in proper which was good because no one likes orcs

chapter 2: lordaeron more like borderon

arthas and jaina join up in an epic buddy cop assignment. jaina and arthas have totally boned this one time, and he wants to do it again so he tries to impress her by killing a city but it turns out she's a crybaby like gurvir. meanwhile mcsars bangs someone that went back int time to bang him

anyway arthas gets a sword and murdain explodes and then he turns into a huge doosh and wins teh game

oh and jaina left because jaina

chapter 3: undead are jerks

arthas went and killed everything because the sword was a +5 sword of douchebaggery (and soul sucking). he killed his dad and said "father i am succeeding you" and his father was like "!@#$ i'm in frostmourne i hope arthas kills some babes so i have company" anyway lordaeron became a zombie apocalypse

chapter 4: no thrall is dumb

thrall x jaina

chapter 5: night elf drama

tyrande misses malfurion and awaits his return by being as much of a %^-*! as possible. spoiler: it works and she grows a babby inside her

chapter frozen throne: everyone gets new units, buildings and upgrades, and a new hero

subchapter 1: night elf drama

the elves discover that illidan is a warglaive master and free him and people whine at tyrande but she is like "NO I AM A MODERN, TOUGH AND INDEPENDANT WOMAN" and kills her wardens to free illidouche. boring stuff happens

subchapter 2: alliance

the blood elves are @%#!s

scubpaubhter 3: scourge

sylvanas dies and becomes a dreadlord

subchapter 5 bonus founding of kalimdor boring stuff happens and people suck off thrall some more come on guys give the dude's dong a break
one day mcsars met haela and she totally dug him because she was into old PTSD ridden wrecks. he was amazed because she reminded him of the woman he still struly loved and thought that she could be someone to love

turns out that wasn't the case and for haela's own good he left. also he was !@#$ing scared that her brother wanted to give mcsars lands and %^-* for marrying his bastard sister, man that !@#$ was weird to mcsars
Mcsars Storytime is the best storytime.

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