What should I get first?

Im new to PvP and im enjoying it so my question what should I buy first, the pvp armor set or weapons? Also do I still have to earn 7000+ honor points total to unlock the ability to buy the weapons?
What I normally do is buy the trinket first. Then get the helm/shoulders/chest/legs then replace everything else as I get the honor. I don't normally bother with weapons until last unless my current weapon is totally worthless.

And yes, you still need to have earned a total of 7800(?) honor for the season to be able to get the weapons/relic
I think you need like...7k-8k honor points from the season to start buying gear? Not entirely sure about regular gear. For the conquest pvp gear its like..7650 for the season for conquest points you need to earn in order to unlock the real goodies.

As far as what to buy first, I normally go chest, legs first. Then probably feet, gloves, waist. Shoulders and headpiece last. Then weapon dead last. But do whichever way you think work best for you. :)

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