LF Guild for MoP

Hello Tichondrius, im rerolling to Alliance on this server and just got my Feral Druid to lvl 85

I'm looking for a casual guild for MoP, this is my experience as a Holy Paladin

11/12 HM ICC on WoTLK
6/6 BWD 2/6HM
4/4 BoT 1/4 HM
2/2 TFW
7/7 FL 6/7 HM
8/8 DS 5/8HM

If I can find a new home for this toon im willing to xfer

This is my Feral Druid on Smolderthorn

And my Feral Druid on Tichondrius

If you have any question feel free to contact me ingame or add me on real id

Cya around
If you're still looking for a guild Alliance side on this server that's a bit more laid back I'd suggest looking into Idol. Been with them a few days now after finally giving up on trying to rebuild my old guild. It's a pretty friendly group and actually FEELS LIKE A GUILD rather than a collection of folks that are together just for the perks.

Guild has about 60 people with 100+ characters between them. If you want to speak with the leader to ask them questions then you'll want to speak with Pimmi.

Good luck to you wherever you end up ^_~
<Solitude> is a primarily PvP guild that is recruiting for mists.

Solitude is one of the few non-zerg pvp guilds on tichondrius (A) at the moment. We have strong leadership with three co-gm's and several officers who have all been playing WoW since BC or earlier. We have dedicated leadership for each aspect of the guild, Live arena streaming, a guild bank dedicated to helping gear/gem/support all of our guild members, and we are very active with 20+ members online at most times of the day with currently around 80 active members. We tend to be most active starting from about 7pm-4am server (Rbg/Raid times will likely be consistent with this), but we have people playing at all times of the day. We value maturity and reliability in guild members but we are very laid back and flexible as well.

We are currently level 17 and we easily cap daily, and we complete our weekly guild raid, dungeon, and rbg weekly challenges. We will maintain a 10m core group for current raid progression, as well as weekly rated battlegrounds which will be pushing 2200+ starting early in mists. We also do arenas daily (People are constantly looking for partners to run with) and are willing to help other's improve in all areas of the game.

We expect only that our guild members are reasonably active and if they wish to be a part of rbg/raid groups they should be able to attend the majority of our scheduled activities that they are a part of, with reasonable allowance for absence due to real world responsibility (Although we appreciate advanced warning when possible). Rbg core members/raiders should be gearing reasonably quickly for mists, and we expect our core members to be geared within a month or so of MoP release if they wish to maintain their rbg/raid positions.

If you would like to apply to solitude, Please visit our guild website: http://solitude.guildlaunch.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=8590900&gid=268728

You can whisper players in game "Allupinthat, smellsfear, Answered, hypedz, or demonofblood if you have questions.

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