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Twilight cast a soft glow of sunset on the small gathering of people in Sydric's mansion garden party. He had invited several of the Sindorei society heads for a small garden party to keep them satisfied he was a good normal Sindorei citizen. Wine and food were exquisite and bountiful. Nothing seemed to be spared in accomodating his guests.

Syd himself wore an exquisite robe of crimson and gold, he strolled through the garden with a lovely socialite on his arm. Her soft voice carried only to his ears as she murmered, "This is quite the gathering, they all seem to be enjoying themselves. Tell me dear Sydric, where do you get the gold to be so lavish?"

Sydric smiled and nodded to her politely, "I am glad you are enjoying the party my dear, my sources are quite dull I assure you, some modest investments have paid off. I merely spend a small fraction to keep up appearances. I am merely a scribe who spends the day writing letters and creating glyphs for the use of the military. They pay well, and I do not question their needs." he smiled at the demure elf beside him. One of the perks to having gold was an unlimited supply of willing consorts. When one grew boring or asked too many questions he dropped her and found another.

He never divulged any information of importance to anyone who appeared to be trying to get too close to him. His secrets were well kept and he intended on gathering as much gold as he could. Gold was power and he was yet young enough to enjoy his life in his seeking of that power. He traded in secrets as much as he did in illegal drugs and arms. Having a network of associates who all seemed willing to make gold as well as he was. Syd was no fool, he delegated most of the hard core selling and buying to underlings who were expendable.

He had lost a great deal of gold one time for trusting a female who tried to woo him with her wiles. He was forced to have one of his assassins take her out, when he found out she was selling his secrets to another. It saddened him to have to do this, but he was above all a practical elf who took self preservation quite seriously.

The evening ended smoothly as the last of the guests were waving goodbye and the dawn was just coloring the horizon. Syd had been nearly bored to tears by the seemingly endless questions of the dark haired beauty who thought she had won his trust. He surmised her mission and had given her nothing of interest as usual. He had noted her trying to get him to drink more wine than he usually did and laughed it off as a poor attempt to get him drunk.

Finally he could take it no longer and led her to the door. "It has been a lovely evening my dear, give my regards to whoever sent you and bid them to cease their petty snooping, I am merely a scribe and nothing more. Have a good rest, as I must do to get ready for a day at the shop."

The poor gal was flustered as she expected to spend some alone time with him. "But Sydric, you have led me on all evening, is this all I get for spending the night with you in hopes of something more?" her eyes were indeed pretty and her tone appealing. But Syd merely smiled and bid her good night, leaving her on the other side of the door as he retired to get some sleep, alone.

Silvermoon City was bustling and crowded on this late afternoon as Sydric finally came to his shop and got to work. He often spent his nights up and working when others slept. His nocturnal ways were a mystery to most of his family. His mother used to joke he was a night elf in a Sindorei body.

The clerk in the front of the shop greeted him with a pleasant smile and nodded as Syd waved and made his way to his office. There was an open window looking out over the shop as Sydric sat down to begin his days work. Orders were piled up and there were a few that needed immediate attention. He often did this work into the wee hours of the morning and caught it up easily.

A few innocent looking documents were delivered to him just before the close of the day. A request for arms and ammo for a small time operation out of Booty Bay, a demand for more thistle from a dealer in Arathi and a new request. All were couched in code and looked like orders for glyphs and tomes of magic.

Syd tapped his chin as he regarded this new request. He did not know quite what to make of it. On one hand it seemed quite easy to fill such an order. But the risks were huge, and he was not sure he had the resources to guard such an endeavor. He penned a simple reply and requested more information as well as noting the high costs of the materials needed. It was his code for letting his contact know he was willing to aquire said goods but only at a considerable price. He sealed the note and sent it off by private courier.

He took out his pen and inks and busied himself with small work as he awaited any new business that might be coming his way. His shop was clearly marked in the Bazaar district as a scribe and curiousity dealer.
((I call that spy sorry no ooc here))

"Bravo, bravo." The priestess walked through the doors of the quiet shop calpping her hands. She continued, "The way you played off my spy like that, exquisite cruelty and deception. She is less than thrilled as I promised she would get more from you, but she was expendable. Is there a reason you are in this business? I don't like intruders."
The Night was Cassy's favorite time; the darkness, the eerie feeling that set into others' hearts, the creatures that came out. It was thrilling. Young Elves were scurrying home, many of them sprinting from each area of lamp-light. Even the adult elves seemed apprehensive about walking around Murder Row in the dark. And they had good reason, for a Rogue sat in a particularly shadowy corner of the Row with her companion. She never moved, and anyone who looked over would see nothing except the vague form of the War wolf by her side. She just sat, watching people pass.

Finally, she found who she was looking for: an aging Paladin who was still very capable of fighting it seemed. He was walking up the ramp, and she crept forward, each movement precise and calculated. As he came into range, her body sank into a shadow she had walked into and quickly was formed from the Paladin’s shadow behind him. She had planned this attack long ago, and knew exactly where and how to strike. There was a weak point just between his shoulder-blades, giving her perfect access to his spine, which she took advantage of.

He let out a cry of pain and surprise as the Rogue’s dagger seemed to appear in his spine. But he spun around, and the serrated blade tore into his shoulder muscles, but the poison was already working through his veins. He began gasping for breath as she ripped the blade from his armor and skin, grabbing an arm around his neck. “I told you that I would never forget what you did to me,” she growled in his ear. With her arm still around his neck, she twisted her body and threw him to the ground. Then something that she hadn’t calculated for happened: hooves pounded on the walkway behind her. “Go!” she hissed to her wolf, who snapped to attention.

The Paladin’s charger was galloping towards her, grunting in anger. The wolf waited until it was closer, then launched from the shadows with terrifying power. He barreled into the horse and ripped at its throat. It screamed as it slammed into the ground and the War wolf bit into its windpipe. It was silenced in a few seconds. Within those seconds, the Paladin had grown quiet and was simply waiting to die. The Rogue stood up, crossing her arms and staring down at the man who had made her young life a living hell so long ago. He took his last breath and his spirit left, a small smirk crossing the Rogue’s covered lips.

Within Murder Row, the scene, while not common, wouldn’t be questioned. The guards would up the mess as quickly as possible and wouldn’t pursue, following the assumption that the Rogues within the city had good reason to take the man’s life. After all, if they followed every murder in the Row, there wouldn’t be enough guards. “Let’s go, time for work,” she growled to her wolf. The beast looked up from his kill, muzzle sprinkled with blood.

They walked towards the Bazaar, carefully avoiding guards. Before she was close to her employer, she knelt to wipe the blood from her companion. She took the sash from her waist and cleaned his fur carefully. After snapping the silk once to get any excess off, she tied it back around her waist and they continued towards the shop labeled Scribe. A woman, a priestess by the looks of her, was walking into the shop as she neared. She arched an eyebrow and sat on the edge of the pond, staring intently at the shop. Her wolf sat next to her, icy blue gaze gazing at the shop. As a Rogue, Cassy trusted no one; this woman was no exception. She was listening intently to the shop, listening for any sign of a weapon or spell.
The entrance of a clapping elf into his shop was curious to Sydric, He looked up from his work and stared at her, "Your spy? My dear I have no idea what you are talking about? I am a quiet businessperson who is simply a scribe and a bookseller. If you have business for me then what is it you require? A glyph? Or perhaps an ancient tome of knowledge you seek? I am pleased you have come to me. I pride myself in being to aquire nearly anything possible in the world, as long as the price is right. In books of course." his smile was benign as he carefully set his quill aside to regard the elf.

The clerk was quite busy trying to be unobstrusive and glanced nervously out the doorway to the rogue who was supposed to be guarding his Master. The priest looked dangerous and he was not about to stand there all night if she was going to cause trouble.

Sydric was calm as he sat at his desk looking over the very striking elf in front of him. His contacts had warned him of her and he knew she was dangerous. However he was not doing anything to cause her any direct discomfort. He was quite puzzled by her interest. He took great pains to avoid ruffling feathers of the other criminals in the world.
Keclox scratched the bristly beard on his chin as he pondered what his next move should be.
"Everything alright, Loxbox?" came a kind voice.
"Yeah, yeah, Danwe," his distinctive accent replied. "I'm just tinkin' 'bout dis guy one o' my contacts saw, at a paaty last night. I tink 'e might be a profitable client, ya' know?"
"You goblins spend too much time thinking about money," replied Gloresse, Danwe's apprentice, as she fiddled with the old shredder in Farstrider's Square.
"I think it's important to ponder about these things," said Yatheon. "Being a merchant, I know that having profitable clients helps me to resupply. I imagine the same goes for little Loxbox here."
"It's more than that," retorted Danwe, in defense of her student. "Goblins want money just to HAVE money; they don't care too much about spending it."
"Ya' BOTH wrong!" Keclox shouted. "Quit ya' bickerin', please! Ya' givin me a headache!"

Keclox decided to leave after a few minutes; he'd go and see the potential buyer. He wore his usual clothes, a tuxedo and a pair of green goggles, with a cigar in his mouth. He hadn't lit the cigar; it was 'against the rules' in Silvermoon City. So, he merely kept it in his mouth, a sigb of higher class.

The bazaar in the city was truly bizarre; he couldn't find any of the shops half of the time, and there was barely anything there but an auction house and pavement! Eventually he spotted the scribe's shop. It was not nearly as fancy as his home, which the goblin had seen the previous night. The scribe was obviously in the middle of a conversation with soneone, so Keclox decided to wait in the lobby. When the scribe finished with his customer, the goblin would have a little chat with him.
Two Blood Elves walked casually towards the Scribe store in Silvermoon's Bazzar, stopping not far from the stores entrance, the female turned "This the place, doesn't look like much." the male standing next to her smiled "Looks are usually deceiving, the owner Sydric Gyrfalcon lives quite the social life, extravagant parties, woman, that sort of thing." "Not the sort of thing you can afford on a Scribes pay." the woman commented "Of course not, but he still keeps up appearances fitting of a nobleman." the woman raised her eyebrows "That would partially explain the hire muscle." She said gesturing towards a Blood Elf and her wolf companion staring intently at the shop.

The man sighed "Really Dae, must I spell everything out for you?" Dae grinned "No, but it's always a confidence booster for you Tamlen." ignoring the insult Tamlen continued "Now here's the interesting part, he's been keeping these money draining practices going despite being cut off from his families funds." "So he's playing the Game then?" "Indeed he is, and Judging by the shipments my contacts have waylayed he is doing a fairly decent job." "So I approach him as what, buyer, seller, provider?" Tamlen smiled "Whichever you want, but try to get on his good side, maybe dig up some dirt if you have to, you want allies in the capitals Dae, they'll help hush things up with the authorities, quell witnesses, get you a place to set up outside of the Cantrip and Crows."

Dae waved a hand dismissively "Alright I get it, don't piss him off, but what happens if he won't play ball?" "Think of something, now here I kept a hold of these from one of your last jobs, they should get his attention, best to wait until it's clear, don't need any unwanted ears calling the guards." Tamlen handed her a small book bag "I remember these, I swiped them from the Scryer's Library, the old book keeper was way too easy to manipulate." Tamlen rolled his eyes "Yes you told that when you gave them to me, now get moving."

The two parted Tamlen walking towards the inn, Dae towards the shop, she stopped at the entrance, she looked in briefly to see the shop still had customers Guess I'll just wait then she thought leaning against the wall, listening for anything worthwhile going on in the shop.
Tyylur's tone quickly turned from mocking to pleasant. "Now that you mention it, yes. I do need something. I would like a list made. It is a very important list that can only be created by a scribe. I need a list of every shop, merchant, and guard in Thunder Bluff. I'm looking for a tauren. His trade is... unique. I'm setting my price at exactly 50g, no more, no less." This man refused to be discovered, but Tyylur knew. She had people who knew. She wasn't entirely sure what he did, but she knew he was involved in the opperations of the Black Market, her Black Market. The First General Bishop Bloodhaven's scout had seen him. ((Bishop Bloodhaven is the man in charge of Horde Black Market opperations concerning the Sahdowspirit Gang in the Eastern Kingdoms. He is an Undead Blood Death Knight and Tyylur's second in command.)) This man was not an ordinary shopkeeper.
Busy day, Cassy mused as she watched first a Goblin then two other Blood Elves enter the shop. If she went in now, it would be a little obvious she wasn’t there on business. She shrugged slightly and rolled her shoulders, shifting to bring one knee up to rest against; she relaxed as much as she dared in a city. Her wolf looked up at her and then let out a long sigh, laying down and keeping a watchful eye on both the shop and his master.

She looked at the shop for a couple more seconds then let her gaze wander, though she always kept a sensitive ear out for any signs of a fight or a struggle. She looked down at the fountain and began playing with the lilies that floated in the water. She almost felt relaxed, but the clanking of armor from a guard brought her back to her alert state. Her green eyes snapped to watch the patrol, her body tensed invisibly for any action she may have to take. But, he simply gave her a casual glance and continued on his patrol, and she was able to refocus on nothing.

Her mind began to wander through the labyrinth of memories she held, and soon one in particular was playing out before her.

She was young, around 4 or 5 years old. A young Paladin stood before her, shouting at her.

“You simpleton! You cannot even summon the simplest degree of the Light! You are a failure to your parents, you rat!” he shouted, along with various swears and degrading phrases. And she simply sat through it. Even at that age, she maintained steady eye-contact. Her green eyes burned with hatred for the man as he screamed in her face, but her gaze never faltered. She had heard it all before.

But something that hadn’t happened before occurred this time. He saw the defiance and the hatred in her eyes, and he simply stopped screaming. He stood straight, and motioned for her to stand. She did so cautiously, watching his every move: his breath, his eyes, his hands as they clenched. But her reaction was too slow; he brought a hand back and slapped her hard across the face. Due to her size, she was thrown to the ground a few feet away.

Her face quickly turned red from his hand, and it burned. Her eyes welled with tears but she bit them back. She refused to give him the satisfaction of crying. But she couldn’t do anything. She had not been trained at all in the skill of unarmed combat, and she was much too small to do much damage even if she had been. She found herself gasping for breath. “I will never…” she breathed, “Forget this.”

She looked up at him, stood up, and ran home.

That had been the day she learned that not all Paladins were as “pure” and “holy” as she had been taught. She brought herself back to the present, though the feelings of hatred and defiance burned anew in her. In her hand was a now deformed lily, she must have clenched her hand during the memory. She carefully released her grasp, folding the petals back out tenderly and laying it back in the water. “It took this long, but I kept my promise to him,” she hissed to herself. And yet, she felt no remorse for the old Paladin, for killing him in such an “underhanded” way.
Sydric cleared his throat and nodded, taking out a fresh sheet of paper and a full inkpot, he picked up his quill and started at the top. "May I have your name please? I do need to keep proper records of course. And this tauren you seek he has a name as well?" he poised the quill over the paper after dipping it tin the ink.

If this haughty young elf thought he was some kind of information broker, he would be sure to get all he could from her. He often made more gold from collecting a counter offer from competition. His smile and manners were impeccable and he waited to hear her words. He did not fail to notice others waiting to see him and wondered at his sudden popularity.

He would have to play this very cool and he had no doubt he would come out ahead. His eyes went to her face as he waited for her reply.
"As for my name, that will come to you at a later date. The associate that is coming to pick this up goes by the name of Thunderlasher, Va'nashi Thunderlasher. ((This is just a reg member who is in the area might come up again, but nothing important to the gang.)) The name of the tauren eludes me, but I will know it when I see it. For your records, don't log this. It isn't worth the time. You gathered this money from something entirely unrelated to the business. Be creeative." Leaning down to whisper in his ear, "I know..." And with that, she marched out of the shop.
"Finally, de elf is out," Keclox said to himself. "Na' it's ma' toin."

He began waddling up the ramp to the scribe's office but was stopped by the clerk.
"Yeah, I suppose 'e does. Tanks fer remindin' me," he placed three gold coins on the clerk's desk. "It ain't much, but it's somethin'. A tip, fer yer services."
As the Priestess came out of the shop, Cassy stood up. After placing her daggers in ShadeClaw's saddlepouch, she walked over casually, motioning for her Wolf to stay put. She pulled her hood back partway and her mask down as she walked. Her eyes opened a little wider and she slid her jaw back a small bit, giving her a younger, innocent look.

"Excuse me, miss," she called, her voice high-pitched and tentative. She sounded very young, "Is the Scribe busy right now? My mommy needs a letter" She sounded nothing like herself, and to ensure the Priestess didn't see her scars, she was looking all around: at the ground, at the sky, and the shops. She didn't stay still for more than a few seconds, she was, after all, playing a young girl, and she did it well.

As she waited for a response, too far for the woman to really get a good look at her armor, she spun and twirled her torso. One of her greatest non-combat related abilites was acting and tricking people into thinking she was someone she was not.
"The scribe? Yes. There are two customers in the building at the moment." Tyylur could feel the cruelty coming off what appeared to be a little girl. Hatred was built into the girl's mind. It was of no concern to her though so she ignored it. After answering the question, Tyylur moved on not looking back at the obviously violent and mentally scarred child. This was nothing to Tyylur.
Dae let out a sigh as the first customer finally left, she made a mental note do dig up dirt on her associate, and the reasons she would be interested in any Tauren. Next the goblin approached for his job request, knowing goblins and their fascination with gold, negotiations for a price of service could take quite a while, so Dae chose to go outside until he left.

Outside Dae noticed the Shopkeeper's hired muscle had approached the Priestess, if Dae hadn't seen her before, she most likely would have fallen for her act. Judging by the Priestess's dismissive attitude towards her she must have either seen through her guise, or was in something else to occupy her interest.

As the Priestess walked off, Dae approached the bodyguard "Her attitude certainly begets that coin purse she's carrying doesn't it?" she asked staring after the Priestess. Make sure you stay civil Dae, if you're planning on working for her boss, best to get to know a bit about the other help he's got. she thought turning back to the bodyguard and smiling.
"Thank you!" Cassy chirped as the Priestess walked away, she began to skip around. She skidded to a halt as another Rogue approached her. She straightened to stand up straight and her innocent look disappeared. This was the woman that had seen her earlier, it was no use fooling around.

She raised an eyebrow curiously. "I suppose. Who are you?" She replied. She wasn't much shorter than the other, which she was actually a little, a very little, happy about. There was something about this woman, something familiar. Had she seen her during training perhaps? She brushed the thoughts away and listened for the woman's answer.
The bewilderment on Syd's face was genuine as the priestess would not even give him a name. Her needs were a bit bizarre considering the Taurens were quite open with their records and a list of the businesses in Thunderbluff would be ridiculously easy to aquire. Why she was looking for such information was beyond him. It did sound suspiciously like she was trying to finger him for something.

He tapped his fingers nervously on his desk and then wrote down a thorough description of the elf and her needs, adding the name of the contact she would send. He would store this for later use and send an agent to inquire on the availability of the information she sought.

He was surprised to see so many waiting in his shop and was gratified he was getting more business. The clerk, Jolen, intercepted the goblin before he could walk up the ramp, "Would you mind waiting a few moments? I am sure Master scribe Sydric will see you in a few moments, as soon as he finishes his notes on his previous customer. Thank you"

Outside a nondescript blood elf male dressed in leather and carrying a large satchel slung over his shoulder made his way into the shop. He stopped as he noticed so many customers waiting to see Syd and walked over to a divan in the back and waited his turn. "Good evening Jolen, busy night I see." he chuckled as he sat down. He brushed his long dark hair from his eyes as he removed his cap and reached for a decanter of tea that was set there for customers and employees to indulge themselves. He poured a mug and relaxed, watching the various customers. He had seen the priestess before and knew who she was.

Jolen rolled his eyes and looked over at the courier, "You have no idea, Verne, the evening has only just begun!" he sat down on a stool behind the counter and waited for Syd to announce he was ready for another customer. He nodded politely to the elf leaning on the doorway. He spied an undead nearby as well and wondered what a Forsaken would want in Silvermoon. He nervously ran his fingers through his pale blonde hair and looked up the ramp. They really needed a guard inside the shop, he thought. But too many guards would raise suspicions and invite more company than they wanted.
During the wait, Keclox decided to make idle conversation.
"So, Mista Clerk, what's yer name?"
"Jolen," the clerk said, keeping his gaze on his paperwork.
"And whaddaya do, Mista Jolen?"
Jolen looked up. "I am Ranger General of the Farstriders," he said cynically.
"I mean, like, what are yer hobbies?"
"Yeah, like I'm an engineea' as a job, but I like huntin' an' prospectin' in ma' spare time."
"Why are you trying to make friends with me? I'm only the clerk."
"A decent man acts friendly towards ev'ryone, ya' know?"
"I never knew goblins could be decent."
"An' I never knew elves could be cynical! See? We're gettin' somewhea' already."
"Please, just sit down and stop bothering me."
Keclox grumbled. "Fine," he said, turning back to his chair. "The name's Keclox, by the way."
"Sit down Keclox." Came Jolen's reply.
And with that, the goblin returned to his seat.

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