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The long list of work he had to do was finished and Sydric looked down at his finished handbills. He would have Verne scatter them out in Silvermoon and send more couriers to other Cities to advertise it.


Come one and all to the Darkmoon Faire for a special Ball to be held in the main event area. There will be music and games as usual at the Faire and a special prize will be awarded for a costume contest. Dress up in your favorite costume and let us see your creativity. Donations are accepted at the door to the booth leading into the arena and proceeds will be sent to the Orphans Society of each major City serving the Horde.

Security is provided by the Darkmoon Faire and will be tight. No cross faction fighting is allowed.


Sydric picked at his food and sipped his wine. Leeroy the night guard was almost asleep at the foot of the stairwell and Syd needed some time to think. If he was to go to Dalaran on this delivery he needed a good and alert guard to go with him. The fortification scrolls were finished and he had them in a bag ready to be delivered.

Vaguely he wondered if Verne had found anything interesting on the goblin. It would not hurt to have another supplier for guns and ammo. It seemed like orders increased each time he filled them. He knew most of the arms would be used in the field of battle in Tol Barad or possibly Arathi. He kept a pretty good ear open for anything stirring elsewhere and usually knew where trouble was brewing.
Dae entered the Silvermoon City Inn, not the most desirable locations in Silvermoon due to its close proximity to Murder Row, but it was an excellent place for practitioners of the less than legal trades could gather with little hassle from the guards. Inside she quickly spotted her contact, a older blood elf male in extravagant robes, sitting alone sipping a glass of wine, Dae walked over and sat down with him.

"So, Tamlen tells me you're striving for a foot hold in the City, how did it go?" he asked a flashing a smile, Dae shrugged "Hard to tell, I'm not sure it took the bait, said he'd rather send a courier." "So what's your plan?" "Simple, I gave him two phrases to tell you, depending on whether he sends a courier, or comes him self." Kardor raised an eyebrow "Why not use one phrase, if it's his people..." "No I'm not going to chat with anyone but him, now it his courier shows up, he'll have delivery for Ms. Cogbox, take him, or her to Buzy at the Lounge and she'll handle the rest." "Do you need me to find Buzy?" Kardor asked "No she was on a dig site excavation in Crystalsong, so she'll be at Legerdemain." Kardor nodded "Very well, and?" "And, if Sydric himself shows up..." "Wait," Kardor interrupted "Sydric! That's who your trying to work with?" Dae nodded "Yes, why?"

Kardor shook his head "I never would have thought, he seems like a normal nobleman that knows how to throw an excellent party, I never thought he'd have his hands in the underground." "Yes after meeting him, I'd have not believed it myself it I wasn't informed otherwise, anyway back to it, if he shows up he'll have a delivery for Ms.Sunshadow, take him to the Canrips and Crows, I'll handle the rest. And before you ask." she pulled a sack of coins out of her pocket and placed them on the table, Kardor merely grinned "I'll handle it, you want portal to Dalaran then?" "Yes I need to make to rest of the preparations."

A short time later Dae was walking through the streets of Dalaran making her way out of the Sunreaver Pavilion towards the Legerdemain Lounge.
The evening wore on, the wine dwindled in the bottle and the tapas plates held the cold remnants of what had been a tasty, if eclectic, meal. A single bacon-wrapped fig that had been stuffed with bleu cheese sat by itself on one plate and a pair of small round potatoes that had been boiled and sprinkled with sea salt and smoked paprika occupied another. The third plate, which held the Carpaccio sat empty, the contents long since consumed.

Demetria watched as her dinner companion, Liselle, drained the last of the wine in the bottle into her glass and raised it in a toast.

“Here is to one of those young men,” she nodded towards a group of four men who had been standing some hundred feet away for the past twenty minutes, “works up the courage to come over here.”

“Not for me,” Demetria raised her glass to Liselle’s, the dull chink telling her that the glasses were not of high quality. “I am tired and will head home soon.”

“You,” Liselle pointed one elegant finger at the pale blonde, “are not much fun tonight! Come on, I am certain they have something interesting in mind tonight.”

“I am certain they do,” Demetria looked over the rim of her glass at the group of men who had been casting sidelong glances at them. “But I need to go see Etherian tomorrow.”

“You spent a lot of time with old men,” Liselle wrinkled her nose and set the wine glass down on the table. “I suppose that if you didn’t check in on him, no one would. How is he, by the way?”

“It is only one old man,” Demetria toyed with the idea of eating another potato, “and he is doing about as well as can be expected. Frail…” her voice trailed off and she shrugged. “His mind is still sharp, which is a good thing.”

Liselle made a non-committal noise and detecting a trace of melancholy in her friend’s voice changed the subject. “So, what is on task to be our next social event?”

Demetria, who had taken a sip of her wine, replied with a, “Mmmm,” as she swallowed and lowered the glass. “That would be…” she gazed out across the bazaar with a contemplative expression before looking back at Liselle, “…nothing.”

“Really?” Liselle sat up straight in her chair. “Nothing? What happened? Was all the money allotted for the wealthy to throw parties spent last month?”

“Apparently so, but something will surface,” Demetria gave a nonchalant shrug and speared one of the potatoes. “Be patient and keep your ears open.” She popped the bite in her mouth and swallowed before draining the last of her wine. “I need to go,” she placed several coins on the table to pay for her share of the meal before scooting her chair back. “Are we still on for the end of the week?”

“Unless I get a date, yes,” Liselle waved a hand. “Be careful heading out there, tomorrow.”

“I will,” Demetria promised before she headed out of the bazaar to the small set of rented rooms near the front gate that she called home.
Gloresse finally decided to leave; it was about 21:25, nearing the meeting point. Looking around, Keclox spotted a blood elf from the shop.
"'Ey! Ain't you dat one from da' shop?" he called out. "I bet you're workin' fer Sydric. Sorry ta' disappoint ya', but when I deal in gems I deal directly. I don' wanna have any 'couriers' nabbin' some jewels fer demselves, ya' know? Go back an' tell yer boss I won' deal wit you, I gotta make sure dese get to da right man."
Cassy looked up from doting over her companion as she heard Sydric speak to her. She nodded slightly and stood up, touching ShadeClaw's collar ever so lightly to get the wolf to stand. After adjusting his saddle, she swung to his back and nudged his sides discreetly. ShadeClaw bolted towards the entrance of the city.

A Guard happened to be walking and stepped infront of the wolf, not paying too much attention. Cassy growled, these guards were too relaxed about everything! She urged ShadeClaw straight, and he barrled into the man and continued. The Guard let out a cry of surprise and found himself on the ground and watching a female Blood Elf glaring down at him as her wolf ran out of the city.

She and her wolf spent some of the night hunting, and she sat by the waterfall near the city, eating her own meal while ShadeClaw slept behind her.
The engineering section of the city was closed up and Verne sat on a bench and peered over at the goblin and his companion. "What? Oh yes I am an employee of Sydric the scribe. I am just a courier. You say you have gems for sale? I am not going to lie to you, there is a market for gems, but that is usually the Auction House. I doubt Sydric would be even remotely interested in gems."

Verne finished his mead and chuckled to himself. Here he had thought the goblin was an engineer, since he had set up his wagon and supplies near the engineering section. Well if the goblin was not a gun maker, he had no interest in him and neither did Syd. "I hope you have a profitable venture in the Auction House then, I will report back to Sydric you are a gem dealer and if he wants to deal with it he will send me or another of his couriers to speak to you. He never deals with people directly. That is what he hires us couriers to do. You have to understand he is a noble, not a commoner scrabbling for gold. He has plenty of that, and the only way he keeps it is to be discreet, get my drift?"

Verne then packed up his bag and turned to go home. He would be expected to pick up and deliver a lot of orders in the morning and he needed sleep.
The shop was quiet except for the snoring guard and Syd walked down the ramp and stopped to kick the elf's foot. "I expect you to stay awake Leeroy! If you cannot then go seek employment elsewhere!" his kick sent the guard sprawling onto the floor sputtering in confusion.

"What? I am awake, I just closed my eyes is all...give me a break! I got kids to feed!" he begged. His red face and manner irritated Syd and he unlocked the door and tossed the guard out into the street.

"Go home and get some sleep then and if you come back to me when you are ready to stay awake I may give you another chance. Right now I need a guard who is awake and ready to accompany me to a meeting." he growled at the redfaced elf.

He turned to go back into the shop and caught sight of the two females sitting at a table nearby. He nodded slightly and smiled. It was not often he saw such pretty females alone. He noticed the males nearby and shook his head. Walking over to the females, he bowed in a courtly manner, "What a lovely sight to see in the evening, not one but two lovely females alone. I do hope you are not looking for excitement from those ruffians over there? If they have not come to speek with you yet they are doubtless lacking in intelligence or morals or both. Take care in trafficing with strangers. And I hope I have not overstepped my boundaries here? I am Sydric the scribe and that is my shop there." his smile was genuine and caring as he looked from one to the other.
"As I have said the previous four times, father. I shall be fine," Aeniralinth insisted.
"Are you sure you would not fancy a guard to watch over you?" Quaeanthor inquired.
"Father!" Aeniralinth snapped. "I have worked late hours before and I shall again tonight! Go, father. Get some rest. You have much to prepare for, what with the ball and everything."
"Very well, I shall go. Anar'endal dracon."
"Anar'endal dracon, Ann'da."
And, with that, Quaeanthor and his guard left their tailoring shop, headed for their estate outside the city. Aeniralinth sighed. His father was getting more and more worried about his son, but Ae was sure he could take care of himself. He sat down and got to work, weaving and threading and filling orders.

It was late when he finally finished with all the orders people had placed. He thought that it was time for a well-deserved reward, so he walked across the Bazaar towards the Wayfarer's Rest, passing Sydric's scribe shop. The shop still had its lights on, which was not unusual. Sydric the scribe generally worked late hours. But today he had a lot of buisness, which probably made Jolen upset. It made Quaeanthor upset as well, since they never got that much buisness.

Walking back to his shop with a bottle of Pinot Noir in his hand, Aeniralinth spotted Sydric yelling at another elf - presumably his night guard. There were also several scruffy-looking men, and two beautiful ladies.

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"What a lovely sight to see in the evening, not one but two lovely females alone. I do hope you are not looking for excitement from those ruffians over there? If they have not come to speek with you yet they are doubtless lacking in intelligence or morals or both. Take care in trafficing with strangers. And I hope I have not overstepped my boundaries here? I am Sydric the scribe and that is my shop there."

Aeniralinth chuckled slightly as he entered the conversation. "And it is a marvelous shop at that." He bowed and smiled just as Sydric had. "You had quite the crowd today; It must be great having that much buisness in one day. Oh, and my father wishes to know how the fliers for his ball are coming along," he said, turning towards Sydric.
Keclox stopped the courier as he turned to leave. "Wait!" he called. "Some o' ma' friends in da' Booty Bay underground business tell me dat Sydric deals in... other tings as well." He began walking to his trike, which he had parked be the shredder. He flipped the cart on its side and turned the shredder around, revealing a large assortment of guns and bombs. "Take yer pick, man. Oh, an' dat's only a portion o' da guns I can make. An' if a ya tink I can't make good explosives, just remember dat I'm a goblin." He smiled toothily, almost sure that the courier would want to buy some for Sydric.
Demetria had scooted her chair back when someone approached the table.

"What a lovely sight to see in the evening, not one but two lovely females alone. I do hope you are not looking for excitement from those ruffians over there? If they have not come to speak with you yet they are doubtless lacking in intelligence or morals or both. Take care in trafficking with strangers. And I hope I have not overstepped my boundaries here? I am Sydric the scribe and that is my shop there."

A man with dark hair stepped up to the table and looked from one to the other. Demetria did not recognize him but then, she figured that she had no reason to.

"And it is a marvelous shop at that."

Another man walked up and bowed before turning to speak to Sydric.

"You had quite the crowd today; it must be great having that much business in one day. Oh, and my father wishes to know how the fliers for his ball are coming along."

“A scribe! Scholarly then?” Liselle grinned up at the handsome scribe. “Do you do poetry?”

Demetria kicked her under the table again.

“Ow!” Liselle frowned at her. “Just for that, I get the last fig…” she looked up at the two men, “unless one of you would like it.”

“Forgive her,” Demetria said apologetically, “she has had some wine tonight.” Since Sydric had introduced himself she figured that they ought to do the same, “I am Demetria and this,” she gave a grand gesture to the darker blonde sitting across the table, “is Liselle.”
“Forgive her, she has had some wine tonight. I am Demetria and this is Liselle.”

"Demetria and Liselle," Aeniralinth said courtily. "Lovely names for lovely women. I am Aeniralinth Firetongue, the third," he kissed the backs of their hands, then looked at the bottle of wine in his hand. "I don't think I can finish this by myself; would you three care to indulge in it with me? I know you have had a bit already," he gestured towards Liselle. "but just a few glasses more could not hurt, could they?"
The young noble joining them was welcomed with a smile, "Aeniralinth! What a pleasure to see you again! Ladies he is a fine noble and not a scoundrel, and offering his bottle of wine like a true gentleman. And yes, my good sir the fliers are finished, merely awaiting the couriers to take them out, unless you wish to do the honors?" he was quick to step aside and allow Aenir to pour the wine into the ladies glasses.

Turning to Demetria he bowed again, offering a hand to her, "I do not have a problem with the ladies for enjoying the pleasant evening in front of my shop. I am finished with my work for the day." he kissed her hand in a courtly manner before offering a hand to Liselle.

"My dear Liselle, I am not a poet, but I do collect the works of poets and scholars, it is a hobby of mine. I have several books of poetry in the Library of my townhouse. Would you care to see it? I invite you all to come and have a nightcap with me. I will be awake for several hours yet. I am afraid I am a nightowl and the habit is too hard to break." his smile and manners were casual and friendly.
The goblin stopped him as he was about to leave and Verne turned back to inspect his wares. His voice very neutral, "Sydric is a scribe sir, he has no time to be interested in guns. I am afraid your sources in Booty Bay may have him confused with someone else. I do however know someone who would be interested in your wares, this is fine work my friend." he whistled as he examined the guns.

His hand reached out to touch the fine rifle he saw in the foreground, "May I examine it closer? I like what you have done to the barrel, it seems to absorb the light. A good thing for those who wish to remain hidden before they start shooting. Yes I think I can find a buyer for you. How much time do you need to produce say....a couple of dozen of these? I am always on the lookout for a good bargain. Even reselling them can get a guy a good profit."

Verne was a little perturbed that someone had come to associate Sydric to the Black Market. Sydric would not be pleased. It would soon become apparant to whoever had sent this goblin not to spread those kinds of rumors. His report to Syd had to be accurate. "Who was it that told you of Sydric and his private dealings? I assure you Sydric is not anything more than a minor noble and a scribe. It will be up to me and some friends to set this person straight on those kind of rumors. It is considered slander and will be dealt with accordingly." his voice calm and certain.
Aeniralinth chuckled slightly. "There are to be no kaldorei in sin'dorei territory," he said jokingly. "As for the fliers, yes I think I shall scatter them." Sydric reminded Ae of one of his old friends who died during the Scourge invasion. Both had marvelous people-skills, proper manners, and were extensively wealthy. But something about Sydric didn't exactly seem right. It was very unusual for a blood elf to be awake for most of the night, which was a contributing factor to their hatred for the undead. Night was associated with their night elven cousins, meaning that a nocturnal blood elf would likely adopt other traits of the kaldorei as well. The fact that Sydric called himself a nightowl furthered Ae's suspicion.
Finally he said "I think that sounds lovely, don't you?" He turned to the females.
Demetria smiled at both men as they kissed her hand. “It is a pleasure to make your acquaintance.”

Liselle gave a small pout when Sydric stated that he did not write poetry, but that changed to a grin when the men kissed her hand. Demetria knew that Liselle was hoping that she had found poet; it would match with her notion of a romantic suitor—not that she was actually looking for one, but she had mentioned that it would be fun to hang out with a poet. Demetria wasn’t so certain.

As for borrowing a book, her friend didn’t have much use for books that were not romances.

“A nightcap would be lovely,” Demetria said as a smile tugged on her lips. She leaned down and picked up a small handbag and glanced over at Liselle who was making no move to get up from the table. Liselle, while a very good friend, wasn’t always the brightest bulb in the box. “Liselle?”

Liselle, seemingly forgetting offering the fig to Sydric, picked it up and took a bite. She made a face as she chewed and swallow with effort. “These aren’t quite as good cold.” She put the rest of the fig back on the plate and wiped her hands on a cloth napkin. “Oh!” she gave a small laugh, “We are heading for a nightcap!” She stood up and looked at the two men, “Shall we go?”

Demetria followed suit; without waiting to be handed up from the chair by either man, she rose in one smooth motion. She pushed a lock of hair back over her shoulder and gestured for the two men to lead the way.
Keclox laughed. "Guy, I work fer da Trade Coalition undaground; we got all sorts o' contacts. Dere ain't a ting dat goes on in da undageound business dat we don' hear about. As fer Sydric specifically, Gazlowe told me 'bout him. An you don' wanna mess wit Gazlowe; he runs Ratchet." he chuckled some more. "As fer da guns... Dat's a special one. SupaShoota 3200. Specially designed by goblins on Kezan. Most people call it the Dark Lady, cuz ya never see it till yer dead. Just like Sylvanas. It takes about an hoir to make each one, so I'd probably need two days; I got other contracts. But I'll make you a deal.

"If ya can get me three black vitrol, four black diamond, eight dark iron, an' two mithril for each gun ya need, you'll only have to pay 340 gold each - AND I'll throw in one o' dese free for every two SupaShootas ya buy." He took a mechanical sheep from the back of the shredder. "Dis ting is a mechanical sheep. It walks an' baa's just like a real sheep. But when you turn it on..." he flipped a switch under the sheep's wool pelt. It started moving towards the wall. "Just send it towards the enemies and..." he pressed a button on his remote. The sheep exploded into a mass of fragmented bronze and seared wool. He jumped to avoid getting hit by a piece of bronze. "Dat's da beauty o' Goblin Engineerin' baby. So, whaddaya say?" He extended his hand towards the courier.
After she finished eating, Cassy simply dozed off as she leaned against ShadeClaw. She stayed asleep for only a few minutes before a sudden movement from her companion woke her. He was sitting up, staring intently across the waterfall. Cassy blinked, trying to see what he was staring at. She couldn't hear over the waterfall as well as she would have liked, but she could see just fine. And what she saw didn't surprise her. A Springpaw had decided it would try to make a meal of them.

It wasn't a large or in any way impressive beast, and it couldn't have been too bright to contemplate attacking a Wolf the size of Shade. Cassy glanced at her Wolf and nodded slightly. He began to snarl loudly at the Springpaw, who quickly turned tail and fled. With a shrug, the Blood Elf stood up, nudging her companion to do the same. She smiled at him and scratched his head and shoulders for a moment before swinging onto his back once more, urging him into a run back into the city.

She slowed as she entered the city, and slid from the battle-wolf’s back gracefully. He followed behind her as she walked around. Seconds after she had hit the ground, a soft explosion echoed in the city. With a frown, she started jogging towards it. She reached the location rather quickly, the engineer’s shop. No surprise there she thought as she came closer. She motioned for ShadeClaw to stay back and she moved over close to the wall, her form becoming distorted by shadows and darkness. She crept closer and crouched near a bush, smirking as she saw Syd’s courier. Bored and with nothing to do, she stayed, listening in on their conversation just because she could.
The evening was pleasant as it always was in Silvermoon City. Stars sprinkled across the heavens and a crescent moon rose to add some light. Sydric had to chuckle at Aenir, "Always with the night elf jokes! I am in no way a Kaldorei, I just like to stay up late like a lot of the revelers do, except I am usually working on my business. It seems the only time of day I can get anything done without being disturbed. Allow me sir to hand you these flyers I would be giving to my courier..." he stopped as a small explosion came from the engineering trainers area. He had handed Aenir the bundle of fliers from his satchel as he spoke.

The sound was muffled somewhat and Syd scratched his chin, "I wonder what that was? I do not think they allow fireworks in the city, perhaps we are being attacked? Quickly ladies, into my townhouse across the bazaar here!" he ushered them across the square and into his modest looking townhouse. It looked much like the ones flanking it. The nobles of the city had much fancier places. The structure was elegant but well fortified, and the guards were on alert as Sydric and his guests approached. They opened the gates and closed them securely behind Sydric and friends. The courtyard was small and only allowed a dozen feet between gate and door.

The butler was at the door when they arrived and ushered them in with a flourished bow. "Good evening, m'Lords and ladies." He was dressed in red livery trimmed in gold and was obviously a trusted and loyal servant of Sydric. Taking time to scrutinize the young women and smile politely to each one and bowing to the young noble.

"Brandy in the Library, Haelior please. Oh and make sure that Verne gets these when he returns." as Sydric handed his butler the bag he had been carrying. He then opened the beautiful paneled doors to his private library to the left of the entryway. The floor to ceiling shelving held literally hundreds of books. Beautiful and well cared for tomes of every shape and size. It was clear where Syd's interests lay. His face was contemplative as he walked in and offered them the seating close to the fireplace, ample room for all of them to sit comfortably.

Syd strolled to the shelf and picked a book from the seemingly endless variety and opened it briefly. Closing it and shaking his head he mumbled something about being too sentimental and chose another book, putting the first one back. He turned with a smile to the guests and held up the book. "Sanguina Heatherward, Poetry and Verse, a simple but elegant tome of Sindorei songs and verses from the time before the First War." he smiled as he handed the tome to Liselle.

"I cannot allow you to remove it from my home, but you may look at it and enjoy. Read from it if you like." he turned as Haelior came in with a tray and decanter of brandy and four elegant crystal snifters. The butler set the tray down on the sideboard and poured them each precisely the proper amount and came forward with the tray to the ladies first. His attitude and manner impeccable as his long blonde hair tied back in the latest style.

Sydric nodded to the butler and took the last glass and raised it in a toast. "Enjoy the day, and sleep the night, to rise again and seek the Light." his token toast to emphasize his devotion to the Light as was proper for a priest.
The appearance of the sheep made Verne's eyes go wide as he ducked for cover. The Guardian nearby issued an immediate alarm and began tramping towards them with menace. Verne took off for the safety of the shadows and nearly ran over Bloods as she was crouched there. "That goblin is crazy! Explosions in the city will bring out every guard in response. I have to get back to Sydric and report." he whispered furiously as more guards came running.

The guards surrounded the goblin and quickly conviscated his wagon and the goods inside. They took the goblin to the jail and one of them was very adamant. "You are under arrest for disturbing the peace of the City. The Magistrate will see to your sentencing in the morning. Your goods are now the property of the city of Silvermoon. I hope you have some contacts in the City, or you may be facing a severe penalty."

Verne chuckled as he watched from the safety of the nearby doorway. "I am sure that Sydric will be there in the morning to help that goblin, he is likely to feel sorry for the green guy. At least they won't immediately execute him. The Council is not dumb enough to do that without allowing him to explain his actions." he then headed back to the Townhouse, knowing Sydric would have headed there immediately after his work day was done.
The contact for whom Keclox had gotten the glyph stepped in from the Farstriders' Square side of the alley. "That won't be necessary," the death knight spoke, his voice sending a shiver down the goblin's spine. The elven death knight put his hand on a guard's shoulder and shove him out of the way. He got in front of Keclox, shielding him from the guards. "This goblin shall not be placed under arrest. He is an emissary from the Trade Coalition and is here to establish trade routes."
"Sir," one of the guards spoke. "This goblin has disupted the peace of--"
"This goblin has permission from the Horde to possess these weapons," the elf handed the guard a letter. "And has had one - one - mechanical sheep explode accidentally."
"That does not deplete the fact that he has dirupted our city serenity! Take him away!"
The death knight sighed. "This should be enough to cover his bail." he handed the guard a large sack of coins. "Now, you should probably continue your patrols."

"That was great!" Keclox said again.
"It was pathetic! I acquire items for you, Keclox. I am not your personal guard! I do thank you for the glyph, but you cannot be so foolhardy!"
"Sorry, man. But I'm tellin' ya', this guy could seing tings in my direction, seriously!"
"Keep yourself in check, Keclox. I should not have to save you from jail again." the elf turned and left.
"So," Keclox said, returning to the courier. "Do we have a deal?"

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