Black Temple Runs

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Looking to start a regular one week group to raid BT, maybe even SWP afterwards.

Glaives will be on reserve.

Will take any character lvl 70+

Day and time will be arranged to best suit who turns up.

Reply in thread if interested.
07/31/2012 08:45 PMPosted by Omgitsarogue
Glaives will be on reserve

"Please carry me to glaives"
Well im interested, i have tried to get into a raid for Black Temple.
lol. Zodiac Guard.
Opening poster is a dud.
He should've written 'I'm a level 70 noob who wants level 90's to run me through Black Temple, so I can get orange sparkly items from Illidan and Kil Jaeden.
By the way, I will also not pay for your repair bills.'

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