Hunter PvP: Marksmanship or Beast Mastery

I currently play a BM Hunter and I've been wondering if I should re spec into MM. I know MM has better CC than BM, but I love BM's amazing burst. I play a lot of arenas with my friend and I want to get better. So whats better?
From what I see of mm and bm so far this holds true, my only problem is landing a trap after a scatter 20 yards away =P
I'm MM for pvp and enjoy it. But, I'll be honest the only reason I stay MM is to solo old stuff. Go Bm. tame some rare pets b/t now and MoP and get the rotation down so that you can be set come MoP.
MM is the superior pvp spec overall. That's not to say BM isn't viable, it is, just not quite as good as MM. The only thing BM is better at is 1v1, so if you duel alot, BM is the way to go, otherwise get good with MM.
I love MM. From what I've seen, it's pretty much on top from a damage point of view for pvp and pve. Also, the silencing shot is only available for MM spec which makes it considered the 'true' pvp spec and is definitely useful. Especially for fear and healers. Well, casters in general since they are not affected by our various movement impairing effects.
Eponine -

Do you think BM will be the 'go-to' spec for PvP in 5.0?

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