[H] Reclamation is recruiting.

<Reclamation> is a freshly transferred 10 M raiding guild looking for 1 Tank, 1 Healer for our core group. We are looking for players to help us continue where we left off in Dragon Soul (2/8H), but are also looking for smart, dedicated players for MOP Expansion.

Raid Days: Thursday and Friday 9pm-12am/1am SERVER TIME. (When Mists Comes out we will be Raiding Tues Thurs and Fri same time.) Loot Rules: Loot Council

Specific Tanks and Healers we're looking for

Tanks: Prot Warrior

Healers: Resto Druid or Shaman. (I'd like one of the healers to have DPS offspec, but it is merely a preference, not a requirement.)

Goals and Expectations

Our goal is to be an active threat to the progression in Mists of Pandaria. Progressive raiding will be 2 of 3 of our raiding days, and the third day to continue farming. The guild is progressing to become a casual hardcore player guild. To further our goal, we’re also looking into Challenge modes to get people the gear to transmog. Achievements in dungeons are something we’re aiming for as a guild to progress our reputation. Growth in the guild as a group will further our status on the server.

The expectations of the guild are simple; Be on, be ready, know your class, and know the fights. This isn’t out of the question compared to other guilds. I expect everyone to gear up and be ready for raiding. The initial push in an expansion is the most crucial. Being Heroic Dungeon geared and ready for raiding is important with the first push into raiding content. There is no welfare gear to rely on.

This guild is made to have fun, and we will keep it that way. We want to be an active progressing guild with a competitive feel without the hostility. Our guild prides itself in its members feeling appreciated and wanted, and we will keep that feeling going.

If interested Contact Weinerz, Lazerkawk, or Dystinct in game.
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We still need a Warrior Tank and Druid/Shaman healer!

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