[Horde] <Reckless Embrace> recruiting for MoP

Reckless Embrace are now recruiting a super sexy BOOMKIN AND MAGE for ten man raiding in Mists of Pandaria and beyond

Who we are:
Reckless Embrace was formed in spring 2012 to collect the remnants of multiple guilds across several servers. Our goal is to create a fun, relaxed, but progression-driven environment where dedicated, skilled adults can come together to push the most challenging content the game has to offer. We are grownups with school, careers, and families outside the game that want to make the most of our time.

What we do:
We kill dragons! And giants. And elementals. And basically anything that’s not flagged as unattackable, on the off-chance that it will drop something we can use to kill more things. Our primary focus is PvE, in particular raiding, and amassing large piles of purple pixels. And orange pixels. All the pixels, ideally. This isn’t to say we require all members raid hardcore, or raid at all. We always welcome social members to hang out, join us in dungeons and transmog runs, and being generally fabulous. We will be raiding three nights a week from 9pm-12pm EST. Please keep in mind: RL requirements come first, and raid nights may not be constant from week to week. Raids WILL be posted three weeks in advance, which allows plenty of time for tweaking and tailoring on our end and yours.

How we do it:
The sharp end goes into the bad mans. Just sayin’.

Seriously though, we strive to maintain a relaxed and fun raiding environment. We keep it light, and prefer figuring out WHY things are going wrong to slinging blame and calling people out. We require all raiders to download and use Ventrilo, at least during raids. Attendance is important to us, and we expect at the very least 80% attendance during progression pushes. Loot is handled primarily by an officers’ council, and awarded to whoever in the raid would get the biggest upgrade from the drop. Raiding every week, eventually we will see everything more than a few times, and we expect our raiders to understand that sometimes the raid benefits more from someone else getting geared.

Contact Roxena, Hexxie, and Illuminánce for more information about the guild, our policies, or if you’re interested in joining us. You can also contact me via my tag, Roxina#1469. We welcome potential recruits, especially those interested in joining our raiding core, to join us for trial runs in heroic dungeons or raids.

We’re grownups, with grownup attitudes, humor, and vocabularies. Profanity, random acts of drunkenness, and impromptu explicit comedy routines happen both in vent and in guildchat. Children and those with delicate sensibilities will likely not find Reckless Embrace a good fit. Do not drink and text. Consume Reckless Embrace responsibly.
herp derp bump derp
I need to find a plate version of that hat so we can be super orc smash brothers or something.
Shameless bump! Still seeking all classes and roles for rounding out Cata progression and pushing MoP hard from launch.

Updates to important info: We are trialing an EPGP system which we hope to use in MoP.
Updated for great BOOMKINS!

We are definitely still looking for all classes and specs for group content, alt raids/transmog runs, and just hanging around and being excellent.

See y'all on the other side of the panda invasion!
Edited for magey goodness. You're stepping into some awesome shoes, hopeful new person!
bump...and grind ^.^

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