[H] Team Carry recruiting for MoP raids

We're casual and throwing together what we can for kicks till MoP, building up jp, vp, honor cap and preparing. Night of the expansion we will have leveling groups for those that want to join us among the first batch of 90s getting ready for raids. Currently we require 1-2 healers and a few dps to polish off slots for first 10m mop group. Everyone focused on raiding is expected to have a viable offspec.

Raids will be three times a week, 8 pm server time most likely. Days are negotiable except weekends (or limited weekends) because of officer involvement in community.

As well as pve we also have a group of pvpers who have interest in bgs, arenas, and rbgs.

Now, that said, really anyone including casuals are welcome, but remember that people involved in pvp and raiding will make more of a hardcore setup. Anyone looking for a friendly, drama free place to chill or anyone looking to continue or start raiding or even for casual or hardcore pvp. Our gm and officers have multiple years of raid, guild, and pvp leadership experience and have come to the conclusion that wow doesn't have to be as complicated as some people want to make it. It's just a game, and it doesn't require hateful verbal abuse or requiring gear 1-2 tiers above content to clear. If you think this sounds like your kind of floozies, you can either get an invite from any online member or have a chat with Pelz, Burrwall, or Heilen for further information about our guild or it's plans.

Good luck and happy hunting in the coming expansion, please keep yours hands and arms inside the download at all times to avoid partial panda conversion corruption and remember that all your herbs are belong to me.
Join the dark side we have cake.

BTW teh cake was a lie.
pftt this post is better ^ i approve.


I heard Heilen was a baddie. Confirm/Deny? ;D
Stil Recruiting all to help level .. and any people with interest in raiding with us in mop !! pst
Be a brony heilen. BE A BRONY!
! teamcarry ! goo
Bump.. recruiting all to help us level and anyone interested in raiding please contact me pelz or burrwall ingame..thanks!
if were not online and u have a question about the guild or anything please email me at tcguild12@gmail.com thanks

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