lf raid night or day

hi all, i am going to xfer from my dead server and im looking for a guild that raids during the night or during the day... i have a lot of experience and toons but i'd like to raid on my lock (been my main since early BC...) anyone knjows about a guild with that schedule? i speak english and french thanks
bump! couple 85's and 2 friends want to come with me!!
1) Bit more specifics of what you're looking for aside from "night or day" raid times would be good.
2) Specifying exactly what kind of experience and how much you have might be good ie: Firelord, Savior, cleared content before when it was current etc.
3) How many hours per week and what degree of progression you'd like to see would be smart. Like casual just looking to do stuff here and there or serious progression looking to clear all heroic content.

Providing that about yourself, as well as that info about your friends coming with you would be good. Most raid guilds on this realm won't contact you when you've failed to provide these details. Also, usually DPS slots are the first to get filled. You might also wish to state whether you have another class you'd be willing to play in order to get a spot, like healer, or tank.
Could you give me some details on your warlock? Right now, not a lot of information, thanks.
Looking at his recent posts, I wouldn't even bother, Bittersteel. He doesn't seem to know where he wants to be and is just trying to see what response he can dig up the fastest it seems. He's spammed about 15 other realm forums with this same poorlly written LFG kinda post on his warlock.

This is his warlock. http://us.battle.net/wow/en/character/exodar/Arkaniss/simple
Didn't see this till now, thanks Tieranny!

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