Dear Zul'jin

I'm joining a fantasy football league for work. Because I live in an extremely lame country area where no one games outside of frigging pinball machines, and therefore I'm the only competent gamer here for about 500 miles it seems appropriate to make a WoW related team name because it will confuse them. So I ask you for ideas.



Down... Set... Pull

Thank God We Don't Raid on Sundays

Monday Night Wow

Few off the top of my head, not great, you deserve better
tebow couldnt hit the broad side of a tauren
I have a pinball machine in my house. It's awesome.

I'm not particularly creative when it comes to names, but I like "First Picked Kungen" - that's niche as hell.
I actually really like Down, Set, Pull

What is the closest NFL team to you? You could do some fun ones on the local team
Are you ready for some space goat!!!!

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