Obsidian Fists now Recruiting.

Obsidian Fists was formed in May of 2007 on the realm The Venture Co. We have most always been a family oriented guild, with a progressive edge. During Wrath, our core 10 man was known for being third on the server with a Tribute to Insanity. Going into Cataclysm, the focus slightly shifted and progression wasn’t pushed. Though, times change and people’s interests change. Most of our core has since quit playing the game, leaving us with a couple openings in our core 10 man. We decided it would be best for the guild if we moved to a higher populated server so we would have a higher player base to recruit from. We arrived on Korgath in April of this year. We are now opening recruitment for any and all players, though raid spots are selective. We are only recruiting range DPS for our core raid group. We are looking specifically for a mage, warlock, elemental shaman, or balance druid. Please be at least 385 ilvl with competitive dps numbers. We will be going into Mists of Pandaria looking to push progression in the new raids. Our raid nights have always been and will always be Tuesday and Thursday nights from 8-11pm server time. If you are potentially interested, please whisper in game or send in game mail to Marayar, Anømaly (The ‘o’ is alt+0248), or Subjugated, or visit our website for more information: getfisted.shivtr.com. Please note, our site is currently under construction, so there is a limited amount of information on there at the moment.

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