[H] Experienced hunter LF dedicated raid team

Earthen Ring
I'm looking for a dedicated raid team that runs 9pm till whenever during the week or weekends. My schedule is very consistent so you can expect 100% attendance and i have full knowledge of DS on normal, 2/8 H. I'm used to coming prepared for raids with food and flasks and keep up to date on my character in order to perform to the best of my abilities.

I'd prefer a mature atmosphere but don't mind different types of personalities. Jokes and chats during trash and through the day are fine with me.

Please whisper me in game if anyone has any information.
We are looking for a hunter who can play at a top level. We are a hardcore raid team and expect minimum fail and excellent play. We are in shut down mode for Cata waiting for MoP.
At the start of Cata we were a top 100 us 10 man guild and only raided 3 nights a week we are pumping that schedule up and are focusing on only progression. If you feel this is something you could handle message me in game.
also we are not mature we are all neckbeard manchildren

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