Cannot redeem Lil' KT after inputting code

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My girlfriend purchased Lil' KT for my birthday and sent me the redemption code via e-mail. I triple-checked the code, placed it in the redemption space and hit redeem. It then takes me to a page that lets me choose which account to use, and i'm only given one option because I only have one account. The problem is.. I can't click on it to continue. There is a little dot that is supposedly clickable but I can't do it. I have tried different browsers, same problem. My account is currently active but unsubscribed for future months.

Any help? :/
Have you tried submitting a ticket through the Support site?

You'll get a response much faster than waiting for help here. I had a problem while trying to claim a Cataclysm key recently and I got a response within a few hours.

Good luck! =)

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