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Earthen Ring
So I'm looking at a couple of servers to xfer too, and Earthen Ring is one of them! So how is this server? PvP wise, Raid wise, RP wise. Also how are the people on this server?
RP: and I'm sure there are other centers of RP communication
PvP: I have no clue, but I'm sure if you're just looking to get weekly points you won't have much trouble

I don't know anything about the horde, since I'm mainly alliance. In general, we have some trolls but most of the people are nice and wont go out of their way to make your life difficult.
Typical trolls every now and then, but otherwise Trade is pretty tame, as Chronion said. The links provided speak for themselves. I don't pvp, so not sure there.
Casual server. Bad PvE, bad PvP, don't really know nor care about RP so you might have some luck on that. Trade chat is basically a social channel.
I wouldn't say "bad" PvE compared to some servers but yeah, we're not phenominal compared to some either. I'm trying to fix that >_>

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