What does it mean to pull 10k for raids?

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I'm looking to start raiding in twilight dps gear. Never raided before, so I get asked, "can you pull 10k?" I'm like "what the !@#$ does that mean?" ultimately ending the chat in a cold shoulder. So what do people mean exactly by that phrase?
It means can you pull 10k dps. Usually people use addons like recount to see the dps they can pull.

10k dps is quite low for raiding honestly. It's about right for heroics though.
thank you for the response. To be sure, 10k is about the average damage that I can dish out per spell as a dps?
Not per spell, but a damage-per-second average. This is best determined on a boss fight when you can utilize your full range of abilities on an enemy that won't die in a few seconds.

As mentioned, most people use Recount or a similar addon during a fight, and it collects the information and calculates it for you.
it means that if we take all damage you did in a fight and divide it by the time you took to do it, the result should be 10,000 or greater.

it's 'damage divided by time' in simple analysis.

so if you solo a mob of 100,000 hp in 10 seconds, you have 10k dps.

addons, like Recount track this stuff, you don't need to do the math on your own.

note that there's ... factors affecting this stuff.

'burst dps' = how much dps can you do in short periods of time on targets you just started attacking.

'burn dps' = how much can you o in short to medium periods of time on targets you were already in combat with.

'sustained dps' = how much dps you can do on targets over long periods of time, factoring in cooldowns, period between cd's refreshing and so on.

most people refer to the last one. so download recount, go to the training dummy, beat it up for 5 minutes, see what number you get. and remember in raids you'll have buffs so your numbers will be better.

10k dpsbasically means that in a 5minute fight you should do at least 3 million damage.
I'll add a bit more detail just to confuse people :-)

It's not quite correct to say that Recount measures DPS by dividing Damage Done by the length of the fight. Rather than dividing by the total length of the fight, Recount attempts to divide instead by a measure of "active time".

For example, if you're in the middle of a fight and some boss mechanic suddenly stuns you for 20 seconds, recount will stop the timer on your dps calc. By reducing the amount of time your damage is divided by, this improves your DPS score. This is an attempt to only measure DPS over the period of time where you actually were able to DPS.

To a degree this makes sense, but at the same time it may cause you to inaccurately see someone as "superior" because their DPS is higher, even though their overall damage is lower. If the overall damage ranking is substantially different than the DPS ranking, then it may be important to dig into the detail of why. For example, if I just stopped attacking anything except whenever I have a HUGE dps cooldown available, I might be able to make my DPS like great, even though my overall damage will suffer.

I remember this warlock who would cast this spell back in wrath... seed of corruption. The spell had 0 cast time, and after several seconds it would burst for HUGE damage. This is all he did, nothing else... Because the way Recount stops the timer when you go inactive, this would show him doing HUGE dps numbers when in reality his overall damage was horrible... this was purely a method to trick the meters. That was a rather obvious example, but some ways of skewing the meters are more subtle... and usually not intentional.
^ above is true but slightly too technical.

10k dps is a very low benchmark. I've succesfully achieved double that as a tank.

you CAN do 10k with ease unless you're playing very very wrong. asking a dps to o 10k is the equivalent of asking a normal sized person to do 5 push-ups.

I think that number should not seem like a problem to you at all as a warrior. It should be extremely easy to achiece and exceed this benchmark. Don't get lost in the technical stuff.
08/04/2012 09:47 PMPosted by Robokapp
Don't get lost in the technical stuff.

technical, yes, but not that hard to understand :-P. Sometimes it can be very important.

For example, on some fights Melee characters may be disadvantaged vs Ranged by being unable to attack the boss, while ranged can ( onyxia's lair comes to mind). But that's not necessarily what the meters would show.

The Melee would stop DPS as soon as onyxia goes in the air, causing their timer to stop (and thus improving their DPS). Ranged casters would continue following and casting on the boss, not allowing their timers to stop. The ranged will end up doing more damage, but this advantage would not show well on the DPS meters.

It can be important to understand the context of the fight and how that impacts various classes in order to get a true judgment on the matter. Variances such as this are often what makes it unfair (or difficult) to compare different classes side by side based purely on the numbers poping out of recount.

This all said, not every glance at the numbers must be with a critical and technical eye... you should only consider these things when something looks strange as a possible explanation, as no addon is going to give the perfect number to judge everyone based off of all the time. But it can be a very good indicator, and consistently pulling 10k DPS in raid is certainly a sign of a problem... not just a skew in the meters. you should be pulling much more... the exact amount depends on the fight.

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