Ghost Division A joke

I just thought I would say I find it funny, that Ghost division talks how they are awesome and can beat anyone. Yet what happen in the Twilight highlands at the CoC today ? That is right, your three members jumped a guild member of mine so i come out and wipe the floor with you. What then happen makes me laugh so hard. You run away and call in 10 people to come take out a level 84, and a level 85. I am glad you all feel that I am so powerful that you need a 10 man group to kill me.

PS. You still failed at killing me the second time around.
Why are you beating a dead horse with this already brought up subject in past threads everyone already knows they suck.

Now excuse me ill me on my way
Posting about someone is giving them your acknowledgement and respect.

Good job, sir.
08/06/2012 07:34 PMPosted by Átropine

As no alliance have posted on this thread and you are probably thinking all the people who posted are horde mad that you made fun of a guild on their faction, I will post... Night Elf Warrior... muh. I'm sorry i take this back night elf prot/fury warrior. I find it hard to believe that you took on 3 people and lived and if you did they must have been in absolutely horrible gear.
I refuse to believe anyone who uses a Bedrock Talisman to tank with has the ability to kill anyone unless they're afk.
CoC fights are serious.
WoW fights are serious.

fixt for you bromanjo.

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