i live in the US but work at night. so basically when i get to play, its pretty dead in my server (i get home at 4am PST). i was thinking an oceanic server might be better for me. that being said, is this server dead around that time and are there pugs?
If my converts are right, 4am there is like 10pm ST. Which is like Peak time in here, I think.
thanks a lot, sound real good. will make a lvl 1 toon to check it out

1 Frostmourne (down) PvP en 33255.55 51,906 (0.71/1) +10:00
2 Barthilas (down) PvP en 30100.00 31,089 (1/0.58) +10:00
3 Thaurissan (down) PvP en 27422.22 20,221 (1/0.05) +10:00
4 Jubei'Thos (down) PvP en 24133.33 26,402 (1/0.48) +10:00
5 Saurfang (down) PvE en 23222.22 17,122 (0.90/1) +10:00
6 Dath'Remar (down) PvE en 20600.00 18,338 (0.48/1) +10:00
7 Caelestrasz (down) PvE en 19544.44 15,437 (0.64/1) +10:00
8 Nagrand (down) PvE en 18955.56 19,602 (0.78/1) +10:00
9 Dreadmaul (down) PvP en 18233.11 15,044 (1/0.46) +10:00
10 Khaz'goroth (down) PvE en 18194.89 21,879 (0.86/1) +10:00
11 Aman'Thul (down) PvE en 16944.37 20,581 (0.36/1) +10:00
12 Gundrak (down) PvP en 7639.37 5,693 (0.86/1) +10:00

Go to a populated more active server if you are keen on many RBGs /Pugs
Why you would pay real dollars to transfer to an inactive ghost town of a server is beyond me.

In B4 the "QQ someone from Frostmourne posted on our forums" or "I like it here it's peaceful" or "High populated servers are full of speds".

Transfer to a populated server like Barthilas etc and stay away from the levelling guilds and you'll go far.

Hell even the social guilds on Frostmourne out rank the "hardcore" guilds on this server as the standard of play is completely different.
Raiding guilds finish between 10 & 12am server time. & Of course you got some late night raiding guilds that raid after 12am server time.

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