<Ravi> 8/8 hm guild recruiting for M.O.P

<Ravi> is currently recruiting players for our core 10man raids in Mists, currently looking for a variety of skilled players who can play any spec. 8/8hm minimum must have HM progression in all content of Cata raid time 7.00-11.00 Svt Wed Thur Sun Mon.

we are currently interested in the following classes.

Druids (All specs)
Warrior (tank/dps)
Priest (healer)
Monk (Any spec)
Paladin (Any spec)

All exceptional applicants will be considered.

Contact In game
Chaoshealer, Moonslayer, Evali, Insomniia or myself.
Come slay dragons and stuff with us!
Celestial Dragons ? :>
Lots of dragons!
No onyxian drakes though :P

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