[25M] LA ★ 10/16H ★ LF core healers!

Guild Recruitment
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LF Shaman and Mistweaver, and a Kitty/Bear!!
UP! (not the Disney movie)
Sooooo bored
Man it way too early to be doin the bump....
OHAI! Still LF a Shaman, Mistweaver, and a Kitty/Bear!!
iPhone bump!
I'm all the shaman you'll ever need babe
Yea, itll be a cold day in hell when you start CH instead of CL....
Ill have you know there was a time when i healed.
Its true!
woop woop
Where all the Mistweavers gone?
It's hard being Pandaren and gifted.
Too many pandas in this thread. :P
le bump!
not enough!
moar bumps!

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