It's moves. About Guild recruitment.

First off, hi everyone i missed you all.
Secondly <Easily Amused> (23) Is currently recruiting all classes, levels, playstyles
It doesn't matter how you spend your time in WoW if you want to pve, then pve. pvp, then pvp.
However due to i don't want to spend 20 hours a day in trade spamming the same guild recruitment macro over and over again i'm currently using an add-on that scans for guildless members. Out of the over 100 new members to the guild (something like 1000 invites) I have received a few complaints from in game members.

How to remedy this situation you ask?
1. I Set it up so it blacklists you after your first decline of a guild invite.
2. Take your toons put me on ignore if you don't want an invite.
3. Under the interface button, under controls there is this nifty [ ] Block all guild invites

I understand that some of you may be irked by this but in the interest of growing my guild, which is a nice helpful community with very little drama, I plan to continue using this add-on.

Thank you for your time, and i now turn it over to the trolls, and the angry, and possibly the lonely.

Also where the f*ck is steve?
i didnt realize recruiting for casual guilds was so serious that you had to bot it...who the !@#$ is moves?
Has absolutley nothing to do with botting, I could get the same effect by going /who (level) and inviting them. This just speeds up the process. And you know us, we go casual, raid etc. Just an easier way to grow our player-base in guild rather then again sit in trade (When i have better things to do. (Pick my nose, scratch my butt etc.)

Miss you morg <3.
But seriously. What the !@#$ happend to steve, I know i've been gone for three months. But i haven't seen him once since i've been back. I miss that canuck.

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