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Hello, My name is Kate.

I play on the Alliance side of Khaz'Goroth

I would like to know if anyone was thinking of creating a new account or wants to bring one of there accounts back, If so, i would be more than happy to do Recruit-A-Friend with you or Send you a scroll of Rez.

They both come with perks for both people, If anyone wants to do recruit a friend, I'm always willing to help you out with leveling,questing,dungeons, even farming stuff =)

If you interested, You can either reply here or send me an email to
No one interested yet? :\

If someone does the recruit a friend or Scroll of Rez with me and plays on Khaz'Goroth, I will help them with questing, Dungeons and help them any way i can =)

Will be back first thing tomorrow to check for any responses =)

Thanks for reading and i look forward to hearing from you all

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