Mal'ganis Horde Auction House

Has anybody noticed that our auction house has been terrible recently? I just started playing again like 2 days ago after a year or so of quitting, and all the items in the auction suck AND are overpriced. I cannot find a decent item for PvE at all in the auction house, and when i search for an 85 1h weapon, there are only like 4 of each type, and most of the time they are like 8k gold for a below-average "epic" weapon
Not QQ'ing, just wondering if anybody knows why
Go cry somewhere else, I don't care. This is my forums now.
inflation - welcome back
Well this is the dead time that happens at the end of an xpac, and since Cataclysm died an early death in May when Diablo 3 was released, (actually this really wasn't all that great of an expansion, because the original game designers were pretty much too busy working on Diablo 3 for most of Cataclysm.) you pretty much just have to deal with it, or go out and earn it yourself like most players do. Don't worry tho I believe Motp will be much better.

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