lvl 25 Alliance Guild Server Transfer

***Velocity*** is a lvl 25 alliance guild currently located on the east coast Stromrage server. Due to a number of people in the guild leaving WoW, I am considering transferring over to Lightbringer where a Pacific server would better suit my own personal schedule. What I am looking for are good players interested in forming a 10man raid team for MoP with a 2-night raid schedule. Raids would be on Fridays from 7pm to 10-11pm server with an additional day yet to be determined.

I am only interested in players with a mature attitude and some raid experience with at least 8/8 normal clear prenerf on the current tier. Raids will not be hardcore but class knowledge and good raid mechanics/awareness will be required as some degree of progression will be expected. All classes are open as well as officer and raid lead positions to those who are willing to invest themselves into the growth and management of the guild.

Players with an interest in joining can reply to this thread with your contact information and/or any questions or feedback you may have. Thank you to those willing to consider us.
Once entering Lightbringer remove the mohawk for it has become tacky in the recent years, and none of those anime style either. we are sophisticated individuals not crazy hooligans. *adjusts his monocle*
Are you still looking for people? And have you figured out the other raid day yet?

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