tank/healer looking for weekend guild (A)

as the thread says i'm a tank/healer looking for a weekend guild. that being said i am looking for a guild that raids friday and saturday. because i live on the other side of the world its kinda hard to raid during the week.

Raid exp:
Raiding since BC mainly 10 mans then
WOTK: naxx25 full, ulduar25 all but yogg, toc10/25 all H but anub, ICC25 full icc10 HM all but LK (was guild/raid leader for icc10)
Cata: bwd/bot/throne10 full (as guild/raid leader), fl25 all but rag
Took a break so i have only done DS in LFR but i am back and looking to find a new guild as either a tank or a healer.

PS the fire keeps me warm

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