[A] Selling Ragnaros' Mount


Judging by the blues posts on this MMO champ thread, we will be spending the last 5 weeks of the expansion doing a considerable amount of Firelands sales, for both the Firelord title as well as the Pureblood Fire Hawk. If you wish to pick up this exclusive mount before it's reduced to a probable 1% drop rate like invincible and mimiron's head, feel free to contact myself or Profile in game. If you're seriously looking for a spot, we will be taking buyers based in order of payable amount, so please keep your comments and trolling to a minimum. Thanks!
Have a run cleared up to rag currently, ready to sell tonight!
I prefer Americaspally. No offense.
Still need 1 buyer for this upcoming week.
I don't have any coupons, so

What are we going to do.

Oh snap, you're back?
Booked for tonight (Tuesday) and tomorrow (Wednesday), might have a possible opening on Sunday!
Sunday's spot has been filled, as well as a majority of next weeks. Only a couple left for anyone who's interested in this deal!
I'm interested.
Booked for the next 2-3 weeks, editing the initial post as prices will be rising based on demand.
Thank you very much, guys.

Great rush. These guys are absolutely pros. They've done everything so smooth that make it seem "easy" to kill Ragnaros on heroic mode.

Oh, I can assure that they're honest people.

Recommended selling. :)
Thanks, Phöbos!

We may have an opening for next Sunday (8/19). Feel free to find me in game if you wish to discuss prices.
Did an extra run after raid today, so we still have 1 spot this week! Prices have been raised slightly to 108k.

14 Days until 5.0.4 D:
Blue post says they'll remain in game until September 25th at a 100% drop rate, get yours before it's reduced!

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