DMC: Volcano or Vibrant Alchemist Stone?

Got Foul Gift of the Demon Lord just now, so need help to decide which of the two 359 trinkets is better. Always have problem comparing trinkets with funny stats. :P

I play as Affl more but also have Demo as 2nd build.

Might I suggest:
Both are better than Foul Gift.
08/06/2012 08:06 AMPosted by Vreivai
Both are better than Foul Gift.

Actually I started thinking the same after checked the on use effect of Foul Gift. =/

Will check later.

I recommend getting the VP trinket if you can. Don't have to rely on RNG to get it like the DS trinkets, and its far better than the alchemist stone.

Obviously, still run LFR to try to get DS trinkets. DS has the best trinkets of the expansion by far.
Uhhhhhh..... Foul Gift of the Demon Lord beats any trinket in game... have you SEEN the on-use effect? It heals like resto druids and brings rogues out of stealth!!

And not to mention the mastery boost which is great for demo, assuming you line it up perfectly with another trinket, (Moonwell Chalice, anyone?) Demon Soul and Meta :)

But it's all up to you and your personal preference of play.

Also... the Vibrant Alchemist Stone isn't that much better, since it only adds 1.51% haste (194 rating), and has around 30 less int, and an uncastable Aura that increases the effect of mana and healing pots by 40%..... hmmm.... i guess it is better.

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