Bless the Martyr <3 Baelgun part 2!

So with the great response to both the For the Horde we ran and the Gurubashi arena event we decided to have some more fun before Mists hits and we are in the porgression grind!

August 26th at 6:00 PM Server time(PST)
Level 1 Draenai race!

So here is how it works, at the start of the event you will be making a level 1 dranei , joining a guild that will be made before hand so that we can ensure no cheating, and you will be visiting every alliance capitol and taking a screenshot with the faction leaders. depending on participation the teams will be as follows one member of Bless the Martyr will be a team captain, and the plan is 3 other Baelgunians to be on that team(more depending on participation levels). The team captain will be responsible for the screen shots. Once you have all 4 screen shots you will race to the front gates of Org, the first full team there wins(I will be waiting there to be the judge of the first team).
All will be welcome in our mumble and each team will have thier own channel.

Here are the rules
No flight paths
No two person mounts
No mage portals
No summons
No help from anyone outside of the level 1s on your team in any way shape or form.

Now the current prizes are based off a 4 player team, and obviously if we need to add more players per team we will add more prizes.

Reins of Poseidus
(Item not found)...Sandstone drake wont link for some reason

Now the captain will win something as well but we have not decided that yet.

Alliance and players off server are more than welcome as there are many ways you can move these mounts to where you desire, or even sit on it until they become account wide.

The second place team will win a pack of rare pets. Each team can decide however they want to hand the prizes out.

Sign up here to particpate, the cutoff will be 8/19. If you prefer to be on a particular member of Bless the Martyr's team just say so in your signup post and we will try to accomodate it!

Team Kawaii

Team Veiled
Lets go team Kawaii!
oh this sounds like it could be fun... perel, MT guild run gogoogogoog!
They all better be required to be male draenai. Or you will only get naked females everywhere. Personally, I can only stand so much naked goat after afking in stormwind long enough.
Dibs on team kawaii. Double Dibs.
Marathal team Veiled right?
Aspect of the pack wasn't a restricted rule? If a leader happens to be a hunter, that is.
Same goes for crusader aura?
Comon!! Moar signups, this is going to be HUGE YOU GUYS! Be the ones who sign up early.
Team Kawaii is going to win. I know because I'm psychic.
ill be there and i would like to be on veileds team plz
You know I also thought this would be fun, but after thinking how long it would really take to walk everywhere... I think ill sit on the sidelines here :)
Veiled isn't doing a team, suckers.

I'd much rather watch the race.
comon MOAR signups!
hmmm....Team French Canadia!!!! Comon frenchies sign up for team ygd! It can be like the olympics!
Sounds fun, i'll be there. Don't care which team.

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