Bless the Martyr <3 Baelgun part 2!

bump comon guys get onboard! thinking of adding even more prizes to the winning team! more competition=more prizes!
Ok, change of heart.
The problem might be that no one really uses the forums. >_>
08/12/2012 04:30 PMPosted by Perel
The problem might be that no one really uses the forums. >_>

Been bringing it up in trade, going to do it more often
I want to pick whoever has the most achievement points for my captain.
i would go but i realy hate runing vs useing a mount,but anyway bump for more realm events
what about in game portals
In game portals are in play, as long as its not created by a mage.
Count me in!!! i also dont really care what team im in!
well when I did my little test run to see if it was possible, which it is, I did talk up the race after to some horde that came out to great me.
Going to open up the sing up process until 30 minutes prior to the event! Had the date of the 19th set just in case the sign ups blew us away.
Bumping, sign ups open until the event! Alliance and cross realm players welcome!
Alliance trade is just people yelling at each other about how bad everyone is. NEXT!
invites for it starting in 20 minutes!
Little early there.

I think we still have 90 minutes?

Anyway, I am on now. At the starting spot

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