Michigan Players?

Bleeding Hollow
Any of you on this server from Michigan?
I'm from Traverse City. Currently living in Kalamazoo for school.
From Michigan, not living there....
Grand Rapids
<--- Upper Peninsula

In Sanford, have a bunch of guildies from Michigan also.
<--- Upper Peninsula


Grand Haven here.
08/02/2012 08:49 AMPosted by Skilxxi
Grand Rapids
traverse city
Ann Arbor
All you pure michiganers. None of you can drive a car.

I will say though, Grand Rapids is an amazing city.....I have never seen so many places with pinball games!!!
Grand Rapids here, though not on your server. Booo!! So happy to see so many people from MI here! Why aren't we all friends?!
Live in KC MO now but from Farwell MI
Spring lake
Troy/Rochester Hills player here. Seems like quite a few of us.
From Greater Lansing area, in Mt. Pleasant for school. I think 2/3 of my old raid team was from Michigan at one point.
I am from Flint and lived in Detroit for a bit also. I have three friends that still play this game with me and they are also from Flint MI
Grand Rapids here, although not on this server at the moment. Was rollin' through looking for a server to roll a new toon on.
I live in Alger, MI. Plenty of MI players here on BH!

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