Rogue looking for a raiding guild

I hit 85 not too long ago on this character (about a week ago) and yet here I am ready for raiding. I have a current ilvl of 386 however that (low?) number does extremely poor as to rate me as a player. Even having only dinged 85 a week ago, I am consistently hitting the top DPS spot for total damage done per fight. This is with other rogues present at a much higher gear level than I. I am definitely not new to my class and my performance shows just that.

I've cleared DS from Hagara onwards although I do know the previous fights before Hagara. I have also cleared DS with LFR (but honeslt, who hasn't?).

I'm looking for a raiding guild that has a spot open in their 10 man team for a smart and high DPS rogue. This guild does not have to be in hardmodes at the moment; however, I am curious to eventually progress into hardmodes. I can raid on weekdays/weekends anytime from 7PM server onwards. If you have any further questions feel free to post a response or mail me in-game with alt-code 145.

Thanks for your consideration!

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