H:] Gin's Weekly H:ICC 25 Meta, Best on US-H

My old 14 page thread got deleted to some jealous loser who reported my thread(s).


Weekly Heroic ICC 25 doing all metas on heroic, including H:LK's. This will be our 26th run!

http://openraid.us/r/62334 -- October 6th

-I offer the smoothest and recorded fastest runs on US-Horde. This means, no AFKs, no wipes. My runs have finished 2 full sets of Shadowmournes and 3 more are incoming.

-Though my record of successful runs have been deleted, my runs cannot be topped, period. Doing ALL metas on Heroic mode, including LK's.

-Numerous satisfied raiders with hundreds of frost wyrms pumped out.

This run is purely for speed and for metas.

What you will get:

-Light of Dawn, Glory of the Icecrown Raider 25 man mount.
-Transmog gear
-Fast and quality run! No drama, no yelling, no crying.

-SM Shards ARE on reserve at the moment to the 3 loyal raiders.

-Invincible is reserved.

-Every Saturday 6 PM - 7 PM Saturday Eastern.

Show up 15 minutes before start time.

Do note that range DPS will get priority for spots over melee to bypass H:LK's Phase 2 and 3 mechanics and with 40-60 people signing up weekly, I have to hand pick.

Finished SMs:


Those who are working on SMs:


Precious's Ribbon Winners (Free rolled duh!)


"So Gina, after you get what you need from H:ICC what's next? Life expectancy of your runs are?"

When I started this raid I said I will do up to 8 Shadowmourne completions. That's give or take 1 full year. I am going to change my mind on this and do it until I have exhausted all WoW raiders of their achievements and mount.

"Do you run any other Glory of the Raider ----?"

A month prior to MoP I will most likely be doing a Tour of all Glories. I know it's not a lot of time to work with, but those who want a ride is always welcome as long you are equipped with current gear and a clear mindset!
New sign up sheet is up. My last run before 2 weeks of awesome-tastic-vacation.
Doing full meta again this week. Will be fast and super smooth. Not accepting lowball or any offers for SM shards. I only want loyal players if they want something from this run! Thank you!
Need geared and skilled DPS and healers!
Come for THE fastest and smoothest run. All the achievements will be done on Heroic.
Need more precious ribbons!
Lock and Load!
Geared ranged DPS are in need!
Couple hours until raid start!
have geared mage and hunter paypalrus39@yahoo.com
Another full heroic Meta clear. No wipes. Feels good to have such strong raiders to game with!

1:17 time, full clear with every meta on heroic. Enjoy your +1 mount.

Going on real life vacation for 2 weeks. Be back August 31st! Raiding will continue then!

I'll post a sign up sheet for Sept 1st soon.

I won't be able to accept until August 30th!
Stay classy, I'll be back on the 30th!
If you're looking for a full meta run, look no further. Heck, most people don't even offer it and do "speed runs" that take longer to complete than my H:Meta run.
Back from vacation. Hope to see how it goes after patch.
http://openraid.us/r/51965 -- Sept 8th

Geared/exceptional ranged DPS preferred.

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