LF Guild doing a mix of PVE + PVP for MoP

As the title says, Im looking for a guild that will regularly be running raids but also doing a decent amount of PVPing for the MoP release. You can reply to the thread/pst me ingame if your guild is recruiting.
House Ravensong will be focusing mostly on wpvp along with RBGs. However, we will also be raiding, if you're interested in raiding send an in-game mail or whisper to Shahad. I'll try to catch him and have him talk to you. We're all pretty excited for MoP and are working on our plans so we can get moving as soon as the expansion hits. I think you have an alt in our guild so if you want to hop in vent to talk there's pretty much always someone in there from around 8p.m. - 3a.m. server even if we're not on a toon on Ravenholdt.
We have plenty of people who have done DS, just really had no raid drive this expansion. As I said above, we're making plans for MoP. So, please, go away and stick with what you're good at. Oh... I see you're already trolling me. Why is it every time someone trys to do something remotely productive on this forum negative Nancies swarm in and offer every possible doomsday scenario? Really, what do guild achievements for DS have to do with our raiding plans for MoP?
So, to follow up on that Aorris, would you have two separate groups running PvE and PvP to guarantee progress in both sections, or will House Ravensong stay structured the way it is where people just do a lil of both?
The answer to that is both yes and no. Our PvP and and PvE groups will be headed up by different people, so they will be separate. However, there will more than likely be players that are in both groups. Currently, we're looking to fill up for an RBG group, a 10-man raid group and just taking players in that enjoy Wpvp. If you only want to focus on one of those areas, there will be enough focus so you don't feel as though raiding is being neglected due to pvp, or pvp being neglected due to raiding. Again, if you're interested in pvp, I really encourage you to contact Kevkul/Shahad as he is heading up all PvE plans for our guild come MoP.
Indeed, while both PvE and PvP groups will function separately, they aren't mutually exclusive. One could be in both groups without problem. For instance, I myself will be doing RBGs while also leading the PvE group. We will be scheduling both of the groups activities so they aren't conflicting with one another. If you have more questions, contact me in game.

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