Threat problems.

Okay, so obviously I'm not 85 quite yet, however, if I don't figure this out now I feel like I'm gonna have issues as an 85.

Now, I've been looking over the guide that's here on the forums, and I'm rather confused. Of course, this isn't news.

I'm a decent enough tank, I can keep single target aggro easy and two mobs are a breeze, however, whenever I try to do larger pulls or a mage pulls I lose all threat. This is frustrating for me because it usually results in me being kicked.

I also have rage starvation, which probably adds to my threat issue.

I open up with an intercept, then I go into a rend, and proceed to spread out the rend through the mobs with a Thunderclap. What am I doing wrong? And how can I keep aggro?

Help this scrub!! D:
With warbringer you should be charging not intercepting in order to gain rage rend t clap back peddle 2 steps to pine em all up and shockwave. This period of stun lets you select the ones getting away from you. Devastate these guys. When stun is up pop shield block to build better rage.

Berserker rage is your best friend if rage starved! Also remember cleave is off gcd so cleave and spam tab devastates if dps is pulling off you taunt it back and focus that little one a bit more. Best part of being tank is if you leave or get booted you have instance question after first boss is dead.
Like Iwi says, open with charge. Use intercept for a second charge or if charge is on cooldown.
Charge gives rage, intercept eats it.

If you have very impatient dps, and if the mobs are in a good position for it, you can charge and then shockwave right away. Then you rend and thunderclap.

If you can though, it's better to charge -> rend -> thunderclap and then shockwave when the mobs are grouped up on you.

Heroic throw gives high threat so if it's only one mob that gets away from you, heroic throw it and hope it's enough to pull aggro off the dps who pulled it.
It's useful to use interchangeably with taunt. Or silence casters in the opening pull so they run to you if you fill out both points in 'gag order'.

Also, I'd recommend switching a few points around in your talent tree.
It's pretty important tanking-wise to fill out the second tier of prot talents, except gag order (very useful but not obligatory).

My suggestion would be to remove the points in 'safeguard' and 'incite' and fill up 'shield specialization', 'shield mastery' and 'hold the line'.

Safeguard can be useful, but those other three are mandatory for a tank and very important for your 'baseline' tanking. Incite isn't that important for you as a tank, just useful. :)

I don't know how much money you have but in you have the money for it, or if a scribe in your guild can make them, get the following glyphs:
Glyph of Devastate (higher crit chance for devastate? Yes please! ^_^)

Glyph of Cleaving (practically mandatory; hits 3 targets instead of 2)
I would also suggest switching glyph of Thunderclap and replace it with glyph of Shockwave.
The shorter cooldown on Shockwave is at least in my experience more useful than the small range increase for thunderclap.

Glyph of Berserker rage
Gives 5 rage when you use berserker rage. Small increase but very useful.
Glyph of Battle Shout, then replace with Glyph of Commanding Shout when you get that ability.
Commanding Shout gives stamina = tank shout.
Battle Shout gives strength = dps shout.

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