[H] Returning Player LF a good fit!

Hello! I am a returning player, having resubbed very recently after a couple years away. I am currently a member of my own small guild that I had before I quit playing. I am currently leveling my hunter to 85 and enjoying all the new content! I'm reading alot on the interweb about rotations/setup etc, but there's nothing like being in Teamspeak with fellow guildies showing you the ropes!

I play mainly in the evenings (US EST), and weekends. I am in the military and in my mid 40s RL. I am seeking a guild where a guy like me would fit in well. I prefer a guild that's doesn't have hundreds of players, but large enough to accomplish content. I also prefer a guild whose members use Teamspeak on a regular basis.

If you are a member of or know an established guild looking for a guy like me shoot me a /tell in game! Thanks!

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