Reforged some stats, and hit seems off now?

Death Knight
Okay I feel somewhat dumb right now, I reforged some haste, expertise, and hit stats around, among changing haste gems to strength gems.

Any how the weird part is:

Melee Hit Chance 10.06%
Hit rating of 848 adds 7.06% Hit chance

shows a 13.94% miss chance for a target level 85 for normal attacks.

It seems like before I messed with the stats that my hit rating was less, but my miss chance was practically 0%

Is there another stat that effects the miss chance? Does my hit rating and miss chance seem correct?
Oh and I haven't messed with my weapons or anything. I've always been spec'd for DW, and am DWing.
with your talents you only need 5% hit from your gear. Making your hit cap 601 hit rating from gear. Your character sheet will read 8% hit. 3% is from talents. Your dry melee swings may miss but it's not worth it to get more hit for base swings. Fun fact is that it's actually impossible for your offhand half of Frost Strike, Obliterate, Plague Strike and Death Strike to miss. Your mainhand can miss but the offhand cannot be dodge or parried. In fact the rogue boss in Hour of Twilight's Smoke Cloud cannot stop the offhand part of Plague Strike from hitting and applying the disease yet HB will not apply it's frost debuff in it.

Your hit rating needs to be 601 and your expertise needs to be 781. After that both ratings above that are wasted.
That sounds like everything I've read, but can you tell me what your miss chance % is?

I don't remember mine being so high, but maybe I just remembered wrong.
You're dual-wielding. That adds 19% to your miss chance with just auto-attacks. It's nothing to worry about, since your abilities all hit at 8%, adding more hit to make auto-attacks all land wouldn't be worth the stats.
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Try using wowreforge. It helps.


Put the stat values in as it says on and use that and it does all the work for you regarding your reforging.
Thanks, that's all I wanted to hear--an explanation to the miss chance %.

I'll check out the wow reforge.


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