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Oh hi! I'm Photoz! :)
Hi Photoz!
*wave* Weren't you MIA for a while? I didn't see you in your usual spot in Org for a few weeks, it seemed.
*Waves right back!* I was gone for about a week, but that was in June. :P Work has kept me busy during most of the days lately.
I'm in ur guild, gkickin ur alts.....


ohaihaihai, Photoz. :D
:O That's okay. I'm leadin your guild, stealin all the gold
This thread seems to have died, but i guess it never really lived. :( WTB moar entertainment!
stop making dumb threads you filthy horde


(will that do?)
Not quite.
You must answer a question.
Do you love Jujubes?
I love me some Jujubes.
Mmmmmm mmmmm.
no....they stick to the teeth too much....more trouble than they are worth....

jujubees must burn in hell

but if youre talkin junior mints, im down like james brown

Blasphemy bro.
If I want superior Chocolate/Mint flavor, I'd grab a York Peppermint Pattie.
That or eat a Hershey's bar and immediately brush my teeth afterwards.
Both better choices than Junior Mints.
hahaha....i didnt know this was a general candy discussion...i thought we were in the theater candy genre....yes...peppermint paddy is superior but you dont always have a girl to smuggle your candies in her purse.....also....brushing your teeth before would give you a much superior and prolonged mint to chocolate ratio if you ask me....

there are millions of better candies in the world than junior mints and ESPECIALLY jujubees who i didnt notice you mounting a spirited defense of....there is no defending jujubees in my opinion

Jujubes rule bro, you just don't understand...
Cotton candy. Nom!

No to all of the above! Haribo Raspberries are where it's at.

Altho one can never go wrong with Godiva. :3 I'll also accept any cheaper imitations so long as they happen to have almonds. Also, Chocolate is better in Europe. I think there's something weird about the milk solids they use here in the US....

And btw, nothing is more irritating at a movie (save a little kid kicking the back of my seat) than the sound of a person digging into a box/bag and smacking their lips next to me. I'll gladly smuggle candy for anyone in the purse-of-holding, just so long as its as silent as my ringtone. :)
Mass amounts of jelly beans, but I can't find any near me :(
Hi everybody. I am Unsoul.

Worst Death Knight on the Realm.

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