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Bodywreckér! I thought you name changed after you killed me that one time in TB
they got this candy store in the mall next to the movie near me.....they got every flavor of jelly bean ever invented and every brand of candy ever invented even way back to the fifties....all it takes is a purse of holding like evalyssia has and the world is your oyster.....

but never EVER will a juju bee pass my lips...its rude to be sticking your finger in your mouth diggin all around in public...

Dude be hatin' on them Jujubes bro.
Your candy is too boring. I had politically incorrect candy growing up
i remember those!!!! candy cigarrettes so you could be cool like your dad!!!!!!!

and dude...jujubees are like satans testes they are so bad....who invented those teeth clogging monstrostities....their only redeeming factor is you can get a workout diggin em outta your teeth but then you have to chew them again and BAM stuck again.....its a nightmare that wont end

They provide hours and hours and HOURS of entertainment. I like them.
so does acne

Somebody make a Heroic BoT raid. And quick!!
I have come here to tell you a story.

I was making a stone guards guide for MoP and was waiting on some advice from a guy in Might who rocks at art. Well I get his returned message and go to edit my image. Well before my husband left for work he said he left me a present which is never a good thing coming from him. Turns out he left me this:

i have come here in rapt attention with my listening pants on...

as usual, your stories are full of wonderment and amazingness....

Oooohoho you :)
Making a cross country trip in a few weeks. Let me know if you want to buy me a meal and fill up my car. Thanks ;)
Sounds fun!
Shower my habits while you dine like rabbits with the crunchy, crunchy carrots. What's everyone up to?
Hello, Photoz, Bodywrecker, and Unsoul! Salutations!
Hey Everyone! Politically Incorrect is looking for more people that want to quickly level and gear when MoP drops. We're all really cool people :D
HAI im Razerith tho people call me Razzy :3 or other stuff. O_o cant remember the other nickname i got anyways. :) HAI also id lv with yeah Photoz if i wasnt rerolling in MoP >_< doin it for my guild roster :/ lolol
im heilen.. people call me heilander... sup peeps! lmao.. photoz is my irl lover..
It's true. I just wish i knew you played WoW... Anyways...I'm waiting for my game files to reconfigure >.> So much fun. Hello, Raz. I think my guild might be a bit more important than yours...

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