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Hmmmmm......I have nothing to do in WoW. WTB entertianment.
you need to lift more bro, you're gettin them girly arms
Bro...You don't even know about lifting. You're just scratching the surface of body strength right now. I've been at this for life.
Woo. I'm road trippin to the east coast. Won't be on WoW much at all for the next week or two. Good luck everyone!
Amigawd east coast.

...IDK why i'm trying to keep this thread alive.

/mourn dead thread
West coast mourns lack of Photoz.

And by west coast, I actually mean me.
Well then visit me! Also all others are welcome
Wooo! MoP!
Evalyssia, I like your hat :D
Woot. Level 90! Let's go get our raid on!!
I liked the candy conversation better.

Yum, Cadbury Mini Eggs - Why do you only come around once a year.

Amg, I am so late! Can I still say hi?!
I am Odie...this seems sufficient.

I like Sugar Babies =D except that they ripped out a cavity filling once so I can't touch them anymore =(

Photoz!!! You wiped my group in Jade Temple! I will never forget!!!
Photoz makin' some wipes.... NEVER happens! ;D

(because, apparently, everything that takes place post power shot is entirely blizzard's fault for not 'fixing' it, so I hear. A lot. Too often). >.>

Also. I have maple cookies.
I've never wiped anyone ever. Eva will think of that a different way because her mind is in the gutter. And it IS Blizzard's fault! >:(
I'm Mobbdeep from Queens, NYC
Hello, Mobbdeep from Queens, NYC. I'm Photoz from North Carolina.

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