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I want to do Herald of the Titans achievement. Who's in? Must have a level 80 or lower toon!

I'm working on an xrealm run. Photoz isn't invited because he's terrible. <3
I'm looking for something fun to do. I need ideas! Anyone?
You could always go fishing in Stormwind. I hear the weather is nice there this time of year.
Sounds like a good idea. Maybe a lot of us could go fishing in Stormwind. Maybe like 20 or 30.
Sounds like a good plan to me!
Oh how I have missed these forums. I wish BROCKLE SNAR would make an appearance.
Woopee! Go to Two Moons and flag yourself!!
You looking forward to 5.2 Photoz?
Not too much. I have a lot I still want to do with the current patch. Completing all of the raids, for instance. What about you and everyone else?
I'm ready to grind out some more gear and actually be a part of RBG's and Arena in 5.2. I got to the game late in 5.1 so didn't really have much chance to catch up. The gear reset should help out after some grinding.

Once PvP is taken care of, I'm either going to work on the PvE side or gear up my priest for PvP.

Busy, busy.
Photoz is a nub. Rawr.
Game on, Artemiscow! You and me. Fight to the death!
Haha, a hunter duel. That will be reaaaaaly exciting.
Probably the most exciting. Possible road trip next month. Holla if you want this fool to crash on your couch!
Okay, no.
Okay... Yeah. Whatcha gonna do about it?
I'm going to Dance. In fact, I'm going to Dance Duel. Tomorrow night @ 9:00pm server. You know the place. :P
Months later, I reply. Photoz... I feel like you would have some malicious intent.

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