[MOP] PVE weapons crap on PVP weapons again.

PVP weapons/armor/etc


PVE weapons - LFR/Normal Raid/Heroic Raid


And I'm sure there will be plenty of PVE weapons that have retarded procs on them as well.

I thought the whole point of PVP Power was to get people to use PVP gear? Why is PVP Power ONLY part of the set piece bonus's of the 5 main pieces? Why not put an assload on the weapons so maybe the PVP weapons wouldn't be complete trash compared to PVE ones?

I guess I really thought Blizzard was going to actually follow through with what they said, being that they wanted people to use PVP gear instead of PVE gear. Instead, MOP will be exactly like it is right now: Use all PVP gear in every slot. Except your heroic/legendary weapon. Poop on stuff.

PVP power was supposed to be this amazing answer to wanting to wear PVP gear in a pvp environment (weapons included). But no PVP power on weapon, means no PVP weapons will be used if you have access to retarded ilvl 509 pve ****.
they have stated weapons will have pvp power, BUT they will continue to make "fun" (ie op) proc on things like weapons and trinkets.

cause lets face even if cunning had zero int on it it would still be bis for caster pvp.
I'm sad this is happening. It's like they had everything fixed and then fell asleep on the keyboard and drooled the last bit of the fix out. How can they mess that up?

Is it that hard to give us weapons that have the same DPS as PvE ones in PvP?

This will seriously break PvP even more than current PvE gear does. At least with 410 my weapon damage is comparative to the heroic no'kaleds even though the nok's are far better.

PvP will ALLWAYS take a backseat to what the game developers want from pve this means every aspect of pvp: 1. Damage procing gear, 2. Class utility, 3. class/spec damage, and any thing pvp related.

The only time this will change is if PvP gear is EVER preferred over PvE gear lets not forget the great set bonus at the start of cata on pvp gear and how fast that got changed because a few players were using that.....
This is so disappointing. They need to make some legendary PVP weapons via mini-tournaments, achievements, or something PVP oriented.

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