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We've all played those games where you have the mode where you go though each boss with a short break in between. I know the likeliness of Blizz incorporating this into WoW is slim to none.

The instance would start out like Hyjal does where you are in a sub area of shorts. A place your team gets to buff up and rogues to buy poisons if they haven't already. Once ready the raid leader talks to an npc and the raid gets ported to random boss fight of any raid in the game. The fight starts instantly so you have no time to plan in out or explain. Once the boss is defeated and loot handed out, the raid is ported back to the sub area. You have 5 minutes to repair, use the bathroom or whatever. Once five minutes is up, you are the ported to the next boss, once again having no time to explain the fight or plan it out. Rinse and repeat. This would go on for however many bosses blizz decided to put in or until your team gets tired or wipes contantly. I say some options could be you pic bosses from the expansion they belonged too. Example, you choose Lk and you only get raid bosses from the expansion. Possibly make it to where you choose how many bosses you get with 5 being the minimum.

For the older bosses, I would say blizz could scale the gear down to the Item level most would have had for that boss. Example, Tier 4 level gear for Kara, Grull and Mag.

I would love this cause I know alot of people feel the same as I do, and would love to go back to older and they be a challenge. I know when playing console rpgs back in the day I always wanted to fight older bosses over again. Imagine C'thun being a challenge again or Nefarion back in BWL.

Anyone enough of my ideas. What are your opinions on this? Anything you would add maybe?
this woudl alienate a lot of people who haven't raided for years, that might not know obscure strategies for a boss like Sulfuron (if they tuned him up to level 90)

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