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Hello, and welcome to our post!
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TL;DR Version:

IHB Version 2.0
Casual guild welcoming new and old players to join us for a relaxing and fun gaming experience.

Detailed Version:

We're a guild created of by some of the members of an old tich guild called I Heart Bunnies.

Our guild is currently composed of about 10 people, most of us are long time friends, that have come back to WoW for MoP, though we have some new faces as well. Overall we're just hoping to find some more like-minded people out there that just want some friends to enjoy this expansion with.

A bit about our history:

I have been playing wow off and on since 2004 and the rest of our members are vanilla or bc vets as well. Many of us come from an old tich guild, I Heart Bunnies. IHB was a very active casual raiding guild formed back in 2004. It had its ups and downs through the years but everyone got tired of things during cata and it dissolved. Now MoP is out and fun times abound.
We're all (currently as of this writing) ages 24+ and tend to be very laid back about things.

Why a casual guild?:

We all have jobs (or a career)!
Most of us are working during the week during the typical 9-5 hours, and often times we just have other things to do. With the advent of LFR and other things like battle pets and challenge dungeons, we're excited that we can enjoy wow at a less schedule-stressing pace.

Do you ever plan on raiding?:

One thing about the guild is we will never have regularly scheduled raids.
Will we ever raid? Yes! Many of us love raiding.
Raids will still happen.
Right now we're hoping to do some 10man raids on the weekends, maybe just LFR here and there some weeks. But here's the kicker, we've all been playing for a long time and have had our fill of "scheduled WoW time" so some weeks we might just not raid, and some of us just might not log on (though we do play a lot...) just don't join and expect things to function like a "normal" raiding guild.

So what does the guild do?:

I own a vent server, and we often hangout on vent, run dungeons, PvP (bgs/arenas), do questing and leveling, do LFR, and have even done some "guild things" like "The Molten Core Drinking Game", which is sorta where the idea for the guild name came up. Generally we just have a good time! We're all friends and would be happy to welcome you aboard.
Sometimes we play other games like League of Legends, Left 4 Dead 2, Killing Floor, etc.

In MoP we will add doing challenge dungeons and everything else MoP offers to our list of activities. The guild is built around adults having a relaxing good time with no pressures.

You guys are casual? What does that mean?:

We have a range of skills in the guild, some of us play only very occasionally, and some of us are on nearly 24/7. Some of us were 90 in the first week and some of us are still not at 90. But we're all pretty friendly, and that's the only real requirement here. Don't take things too seriously and have a good time.

Be good or bad, a new player or an old player, just come have fun.
Anyone online can invite!

Quick contact info:

My contact: Kerr#1291
Times: Most of us are online in the hours of 5pm - 2am PST
Please elaborate on this "The Molten Core Drinking Game".
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