WTB Runs for invincible.

Earthen Ring
I'm highly aware of the drop rate being extremly low. I just really want this mount as i have since i started shortly after wrath was no longer current content. I am looking for a good guild or group of people who would like to kill H LK weekly, i would provide the lockout up to him if need be. I am willing to pay 10k per kill regardless of the mount dropping. When it is to finally drop I am hovering around the price of 400k if that is of any interest to you or your guild pls send a ingame mail.
just wait for the black market in MoP IMO
Trust me I have took that into consideration. Im still unaware if that is even going to be up for sale on the black market ah. If it is great if not, then this offer still stands.
Last time there was any sort of gold attached to dungeon running was back in Wrath, when someone from Dissonance (I forget the name) set up gold bid runs, and those ran with a purse that usually ended much, MUCH higher than 10k gold.

Just making an observation.

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